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94 Easy Ways to Learn SEO (Interactive Infographic)

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We asked the SEO community for their favourite online resources to learn SEO and these are the books, conferences, blogs and tips that came up most frequently. Ideal for beginners who want to get started and advanced SEO’s who wish to expand their knowledge.

We’ve compiled everything into an interactive Infographic, so you can click any link to learn more about it.

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How to learn seo

Created by SEO Agency Koozai


  1. Ravi avatar

    This is an awesome source on how to learn SEO. But I guess, this would be little difficult for newbies. So, I came up with an article on my blog where one would learn some basics of SEO. And after that this would surely be very useful to them. Link -> https://bit.ly/1sS7d03

  2. Copas Menstruales avatar
    Copas Menstruales

    Great infographic! Would use it to start following some SEOs :)

  3. […] U and other must reads that are attached to  https://www.koozai.com//search-marketing/how-to-learn-seo/ were very helpful in gaining insight. Moz is also another great resource that produces very good […]

  4. Leo avatar

    I like https://www.seodrive.org but this site has more articles, great!

  5. Copas avatar

    This inography is very useful, I’m following some of these people but I am going to try to know more about the people that I’m not following, yet, thanks!

  6. Ajay Jhunjhunwala avatar
    Ajay Jhunjhunwala

    No doubt an organized guide for learning SEO. I follow and use most of them, even though good for new guys of SEO.

  7. Thomas Brodbeck avatar


    I have bookmarked this to keep as reference so I wanted to let you know that the links for the blogs do not work and are located at random places throughout the infographic. For example, the State of Search image isn’t linked and is the link for the Search Engine Roundtable image. Like all the links got shifted down.

    1. Mike Essex avatar

      Thanks for the feedback Thomas and I’m looking in to the links issue now. It seems to have changed in between moving from Dreamweaver to the site.

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  9. Robins avatar

    I would add search engine journal to the list for continued learning.

    Nice, and clutter free infographic!

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  12. Dean avatar

    I thought I’d share links to the Google+ profiles of the people to follow:

    aaron wall https://plus.google.com/109555919001321700626
    Barry Schwartz https://plus.google.com/107945426404682361496
    Bas van den Beld https://plus.google.com/107488392912382136407
    Danny Goodwin https://plus.google.com/105377085495925465168
    Danny Sullivan https://plus.google.com/113217924531763968801
    David Naylor https://plus.google.com/113021619972679856263
    Hannah Smith https://plus.google.com/104526337689961231497
    Jane Copland https://plus.google.com/107841864423943418012
    Joanna Lord https://plus.google.com/118212529999599800263
    Joost de Valk https://plus.google.com/115369062315673853712
    Judith Lewis https://plus.google.com/117564004595435401158
    Kelvin Newman https://plus.google.com/109842451293244268430
    Lisa Barone https://plus.google.com/106967325646926628873
    Lisa Myers https://plus.google.com/117942443067183917393
    Martin Macdonald https://plus.google.com/110463184748301701886
    Matt Cutts https://plus.google.com/109412257237874861202
    Michael Gray https://plus.google.com/113469309872759209920
    Nichola Stott https://plus.google.com/103245964321515080701
    Patrick Altoft https://plus.google.com/115114306464554828486
    Rand Fishkin https://plus.google.com/111294201325870406922
    Richard Baxter https://plus.google.com/110038692833123703514
    Rishi Lakhani https://plus.google.com/117569955590388746880
    Samuel Crocker https://plus.google.com/116608496879606500913
    Tom Critchlow https://plus.google.com/102717586677070253951
    Wil Reynolds https://plus.google.com/105378806328377750709
    Will Critchlow https://plus.google.com/106858636547986185729

  13. Dean avatar

    I would like to add the KISSmetrics blog to the list. Its full of great summaries and tips on lots of different topics.


  14. Oliver avatar

    Great infographic – if only this was around when I first started out.

  15. chee avatar

    Nice inforgraphic, I’d probably add Vanessa Fox’s ‘Marketing in the Age of Google’ in the list of books.

  16. Michael avatar

    Great infographic, and I agree with its contents. Actually, wish I had thought of this myself.

  17. Jacques Rioux avatar

    Nice job on this infography. If you want to do this in other langages i can help! (French SEO here).

    Good work!


  18. Gerard Cuenca avatar

    Great infography!


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  20. Andrew Neal Jenkins avatar

    Wow! Mike this is awesome.

    Maybe add https://www.copyblogger.com/blog/ to ‘Blogs to Read?’ Great for SEOs new and old looking for content role models…


  21. Mike avatar

    A huge thanks to Yousaf Sekander (@ysekand) for some great trickery to halve the image file size.

  22. Andrew Isidoro avatar

    Oh my…when you said you we’re working on an infographic I had no idea it was going to be like this.

    As a relative newcomer to SEO (almost a year now), it’s incredibly daunting to try and learn a discipline that’s constantly in flux.

    I just wish I had something like this to help me out when I first began learning. Nice job!

    p.s thanks for the mention :)

  23. Mike avatar

    If we’ve missed anyone or any resource then please let us know in the comments below.

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