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How To Choose The Right Google Ads Keywords For Your Campaigns

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Google Ads is a powerful tool for your business. It’s a great tool to get in front of people who aren’t yet aware of your business as well as letting you reach people who are looking to make a purchase or require your services.

However, if you use Google Ads without choosing the right keywords, you won’t get the results you want. You may even end up spending money on clicks that don’t convert.

In this blog, we’ll explain how to find relevant keywords for Google ads that will help you get in front of the right audience.

When you’re trying to find the right keywords for your Google Ads campaigns, it’s important to keep two things in mind:

  1. The relevance of the keyword to your business
  2. The volume of searches for that keyword

When it comes to keywords, Google is looking for a match between what people are searching for and what you’re selling or service you’re providing. You want to make sure that you’re using keywords that are relevant to your business so that when people search for them on Google, they’ll be able to find your ad and click through to your website.

But how do you know which keywords are the most relevant? There are a couple steps you can take to find out which ones work best:

  1. Check out what other businesses in your industry are using when they advertise online. Make a list of keywords that closely match your business. Looking at competitors is essential at finding the right keywords. If your business is quite niche, then make sure the keywords you pick out are relevant to what your customers might be searching. For example, if your business sells high-end garden summer houses, you wouldn’t want to appear for terms like garden shed.
  2. The next step is to use this small list of keywords in Google’s Keyword Planner tool or another keyword research tool like SEMrush. Here you can see the search volume of your list of keywords as well as suggested keywords people are searching for most often in relation to what you’re offering. Build upon your original list and pick out any search terms that are irrelevant or the search volume is too low.
  3. Once you’re happy with your keywords, start picking out any similar themes between them. For example, all keywords with summer house should be grouped together, as will garden office. This is where you can begin to split your keywords out into ad groups. This will make it easier for you to write copy for specific keywords making each keyword that someone searches for relevant to the ad they see.
  4. The next step is finding the right negative keywords. “Negative keywords let you exclude search terms from your campaigns and help you focus on only the keywords that matter to your customers.” – Google. Essentially, you’re going to need to create a list of negative keywords to help your brand appear for the right search terms and not the wrong ones. If we go back to the example of high-end summer houses, you would want to appear for the term luxury garden house, but not for the term cheap garden house, therefore you may want to add cheap garden house into your negative keyword list.

To summarize, Google Ads is a powerful platform. It’s great at helping you reach the right users. However, to effectively use it, you need to come up with relevant and highly effective keywords to target. Once you have followed these steps, you should be ready to begin writing copy and creating your search ads. Hopefully this guide has provided you with some useful tips on finding the right keywords for your campaigns. For more information, make sure to read through our other blogs, guides, and whitepapers.

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