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30 Tips From On The Edge Digital London 2014 #EdgeLondon

9th May 2014 News 4 minutes to read

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This year’s On The Edge Digital conference takes place at the Congress Centre in London; covering a broad selection of hot industry topics, including Digital Marketing strategy, data analysis, mobile and email marketing, as well as best-practice techniques in SEO. Check out some of the top tips from the conference.

We will be updating this post throughout the day, highlighting the key takeaways from each presentation, so be sure to check it throughout the day.

Joining The Dots Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

By Guy Levine, CEO Return On Digital, (@guylevine)

  • The three pillars of digital marketing that businesses need to be concerned with are: lead generation, lead conversion and retention. Nothing else.
  • Conversion is solely down to digital. Every business, no matter who they are needs to integrate their sales team with digital marketing activity.
  • When you create strategies you need to step into the mind of a potential consumer. Spend time creating typical customer personas and scenarios and then tailor your approach to each of these. Then you will increase conversions.
  • If you cant get your business site to number 1 on Google, optimise your business’ social properties.
  • The key takeaway is to build a tribe of people, learn from them and relentlessly Market to them until they buy or die!

Getting The Most Out Of Data

By Chris Gobby, Head of Mobile Data at EE, (@EE)

  • Analyse mobile behaviour by location, time (for example customers are using mobile while commuting to and from work), the ads they are engaging with and use it to build a clear picture of your customers.
  • The value of collating mass data is using it to provide large scalable solutions for a large proportion of your customers who have a particular problem. Identify a popular issue – bring the solution.
  • Segment your by users by their mobile usage behaviour – are they gamers? Photo sharers? Shoppers? Socialisers? Independent searchers? You can then utilise this in your marketing approach.
  • Review your data – is the behaviour different on their mobile vs their tablet? Learn from this and adapt your content and marketing approach to accommodate certain behaviour on a range of devices.
  • Use data to identify numerous patterns within your customers’ behaviour on mobile – develop marketing that will encourage them to behave in a way that you want them to.

Go Global With Digital Marketing

By Anna Bastek, CEO Wolfestone Translation, (@AnnaBastek)

  • Export marketing opens up a wealth of opportunities to reach wider customer markets. The challenge is overcoming language and cultural barriers.
  • The real opportunity to leverage in export marketing is to communicate with audences in their language whilst taking advantage of cultural issues and phenomenons to assimilate with a your new market.
  • Analyse! Where are your enquiries coming from? What can you learn from Analytics about your new Market? How do they compare to those in your domestic Market?
  • Plan a language strategy – where are your business’ touch points with foreign consumers? Are they at the invoice stage? When drawing up contracts? On social media? On your website? Whatever the case, identify these and select your comms approach accordingly.
  • To overcome language and cultural barriers – localise your business. You will want to include the following: company slogan, currency, brand scheme and colours, product names and your website.

Page One Domination

By Oliver Ewbank, Digital Marketing Manager at Koozai, (@OliverEwbank)

See Ollie’s presentation slides and a write-up of his post here.

Throwing S**t Against The Wall & Analysing What Sticks

By Hannah Smith, Content Strategist Distilled, (@hannah_bo_banna)

  • Create content that is useful and that people will genuinely love to reach the ultimate end goal – peer to peer sharing so that your content is amplified.
  •  The Facebook platform is a big discussion in Digital Marketing at the moment. It’s anticipated that they are moving towards Facebook zero – a pay to play approach for businesses.
  •  Creating promotional content does not guarantee shareability – unless it entertains and educates. Avoid self-serving, transparent messaging. Ask yourself, is this something you would recommend or share with a friend?
  • Your brand is not what you sell, it’s how you sell it. Remember this when devising your content marketing strategy.
  •  If there is genuinely no appetite to entertain and educate, persuade and convert instead!

Shape-Shift Your Content

By Jonathan Henley, Marketing Consultant at Communications Crucible Ltd. (@JayRHenley)

  • Audiences want useful and relevant information yesterday – where possible, create pre-emptive content that will assist them, there and then.
  • Categorise content consumers – Gluttons will absorb everything, Selectives will choose what they want, and Faddists will search for niche content that appeals to them. What type of audience does your business have?
  • 27, 000, 000 pieces of content shared every day! Aol & Nielsen (2012)
  • Content should be produced rapidly and frequently; enough to make your site worth revisiting.
  • Content should focus on what the buyer is actually trying to achieve.

Dramatically Improve Email Campaign Results By Multivariate Testing

By Basile Fattal, VP Sales & Marketing at 8Seconds, (@bfattal)

  • Optimise your emails! The way to do this is to alter the following: from name, subject line, responsive template, personalisation and conversion rate optimisation.
  • Tailor your emails to every individual – use behavioural and preference data to pre emptively serve them.
  • Data allows you to dictate and aggregate the content of your email by analysing click behaviour.
  • Multivariate tools can rotate an assortment of content to generate high conversion emails to predefined customer groups.

Koozai will be attending more conferences throughout the year, check in with our blog regularly for up-to-date event coverage and tips from a wide range of industry experts.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to enhance your digital marketing efforts, please visit our Services page or get in touch, and learn what Koozai can do for your business.

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