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Mike Essex

EXCLUSIVE: The Search Specialists Movie Revealed

1st Apr 2011 News, Koozai News 3 minutes to read

Search Engine Optimisation has gone mainstream with the announcement of the new movie ‘The Search Specialists’. In this exclusive article we reveal the movie poster, plot and teaser images.

In the year 2020, two major pharmaceutical companies have discovered a cure for a new disease rapidly spreading across the planet’s population. For these companies billions of dollars are on the line every day, as they compete to be the main provider of this cure. With newspapers out of circulation and all information now available online, they have but one way to reach customers – search. But with so much money at stake, rivalries to be number one in the results, have led to a dangerous game of cat and mouse, murder and corporate espionage. This tale is told in ‘The Search Specialists’. Read on for teaser images and the poster.

The Search Specialists

Teaser Movie Poster for 'The Search Specialists'

Currently sitting at number one when people search for a cure is “Floral Poi”, a herbal based cure that offers quick healing properties, the man in charge of this ranking is Prof Ali Lo – The Search Specialist. Ali has kept Floral Poi at number one in the rankings for two years, which had drawn him a lot of attention from rival pharmaceutical firm “Pallor IOF Trading” who sit second in the rankings, and lose out of the majority of revenue when people shop for the drug.

Tired of being beaten every day, Pallor Ian Owen Fallow (The head of Pallor IOF Trading), issued a simple command to his team. To recruit The Search Specialist, Ali Lo, by any means necessary. Within 24 hours he had a meeting with Ali, where he offered him all the things a man could dream of. Ali refused, determined to keep working at Floral Poi. His allegiance to Floral Poi was born out of a desire to work with his sister Prof Lia Lo, and he could not leave her.

The Villain

Pallor Ian Owen Fallow, head of Pallor IOF Trading

By the time Ali had returned home he discovered his sister Lia, in a pool of blood on the floor. Desperate to find a way to save her, he booted up his laptop and did what he knew best – searched. His sister lay on the floor gasping for life, as Ali used ten computers at once to find a solution. When he had the information he dashed downstairs to their in house laboratory and made a cure. He saved his sister, just in time, and knew what he had to do.

Whilst Floral Poi remained at number one it was clear Pallor would not stop. Ali told Lia what he had planned, but she would not let him go. Whilst his vengeance was just, she too wanted to find the men who had done this to her, and to have her revenge. For months they hid from the light, still working to keep Floral at number one, whilst searching every day for the skills they would need to bring Pallor to justice. They searched to find the best weapons, armour and tools, as well as looking online for fighting training and videos that would teach them kung fu.

The Search Specialists - Movie Image

Prof Ali and Lia Lo – ‘The Search Specialists’

When the day came, Ali and Lia, had gathered the skills they needed. It was time for The Search Specialists to finish what Pallor had set in motion. They would return to Pallor IOF Trading, armed with the skills they had searched for.

Little did they know, Pallor had been building his own personal army. The search specialists on his own team who had failed to get him the number one ranking, had been training in secret black hat arts. When Ali arrived they would be ready for him, they would become… the Black Hat Ninjas.

The Black Hat Ninjas

The Black Hat Ninjas

On the 1st April 2012, the battle will begin between Ali and Lia against Pallor and the Black Hat Ninjas. Which firm will be victorious? Will The Search Specialists have found the right articles to help them to victory? Can good digital marketing beat black hat tactics and triumph over good? Find out at a Cinema near you….


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