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Mike Essex

Introducing The Koozai Business Book Finder

12th Mar 2014 News, Koozai News 2 minutes to read

Business Book FinderToday we’re proud to announce the launch of the Koozai Business Book Finder, a free resource that will help you find the ideal book to help with any aspect of your marketing. Within five seconds and by answering two short questions it will find the ideal business book for you and explain why you should give it a read.

For the last three months we’ve been hunting down the best books on countless business topics. We’ve surveyed our team to get their favourites and read more best-of lists than I care to count – and in the end I think we’ve found a strong list that can help make everyone a better marketer.

View The Business Book Finder

Book Finder

We’ve also made the Business Book Finder as simple as possible to use. You pick the category of book you want (e.g. Branding) and then narrow down what you’d like to know (e.g. Brand Protection) . You’ll then be presented with 1-5 books which we recommend based on your query. The whole thing is designed to take a matter of seconds.

Once you’ve found the ideal book there are links to Amazon so you can purchase a copy along with Twitter and website links of the authors so you can learn more about them. You’ll also get an insight into why we love each book and what we’ve learned from each resource. If you like the book we’ve recommended you can share it on Social Media to help others or so you’ve got the information to hand later on.

We’ve got books by best-selling authors, business leaders, digital marketers, psychologists, PR experts and more; there are even free eBooks if you’re looking for a quick resource on a topic. If you don’t like the book we’ve suggested just change your search with a single click and you’ll get another one. Whatever your needs there will be a book to suit.

Example Book

Over time we will add extra books and continue to expand the resource. So if you think we’re missing anything specific let us know.

The Business Book Finder is just one of the many initiatives that we have planned this year to make marketing easier. It’s also the most intricate piece of content we’ve ever created, and designed to showcase the talents of our Content Marketing team and their services. It’s their hard work that made this possible.

View The Business Book Finder

We hope you enjoy the Business Book Finder and that it helps you discover something new. We’d also love to hear your feedback so please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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