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Koozai Celebrates 10 Years

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We’ve turned 10 years old! Yes, you read that correctly. I can’t believe Koozai has been around this long. We are older (like a fine wine) and wiser (sometimes) but mainly I am so incredibly proud to say that we’ve reached this milestone. That’s a whole decade of hard work with unbelievable results. In fact, when you read how many businesses fail in their first few years of trading, it makes me both proud and privileged to have made it to the 10-year mark as an established company.

In the beginning…

Way back when, at what now feels like the dawn of time, held up in my bedroom, with a laptop and a dream, which I appreciate sounds pretty cliché, I started my own business.

The laptop was bought on a credit card, and my ideas were all that were pushing me forward – that and a 25k debt looming over me. (There really is nothing like a bit of financial fear to make you get your arse in gear!)

Impacting Koozai

We rebranded to the much-loved and well-known Koozai in 2011. Watching the new and improved branding take off was something I really loved – suddenly by using some recently released tech and a solid marketing strategy we were everywhere. That was definitely one of the high points for me.

Koozai Mantra

From the beginning, failing was never an option. When you run a business, it gets every bit of you – your heart and soul, the guts and glory and you have to be prepared to put everything into helping it succeed. It’s more than just a job; it’s a way of life. You have to be able to smile while driving into work on a Sunday. I’ve been smiling on my way to work for 10 years now, although I don’t tend to go into the office much on a weekend any more.

Highest Highs

As you’d expect, after such a long time in the ever-evolving digital landscape, there have been some pretty great highs. There have been moments where we’ve felt like we could set the world alight. We’ve had a range of awesome clients and landed some awesome campaigns. We’ve spoken in conferences around the world and won a fair few awards and accreditations.

The list isn’t exhaustive and we will continue to add to it. At Koozai, we aim to be better, always improving and striving for success.

Of course there have been lows too, and in those moments we learn and grow – but we never let them define us. We are defined by our passion, knowledge and culture.

Koozai Culture

Over the years, we’ve had a plethora of talented digital marketers work at Koozai. These people are absolutely essential in our workplace, and this kind of talent combined with an infectious personality is like gold dust to us at Koozai.

I’m not necessarily impressed by people who work late to gain extra brownie points. But I am impressed by people who work hard to get things done, regardless of how long it takes them. And if they can do it with a smile, making other people feel good in the process, then they’re winners in my eyes. After all, positivity breeds positivity.

Different people have different skillsets and abilities. One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that it’s best to recruit the right person at the expense of a more rounded skillset. The right person can learn and improve whereas the wrong person will never really fit in with your existing team.

The folk at Koozai are very special – we work hard, play hard and have kept this business going for a whole decade together. Good people are worth finding, investing in and fighting for.

What Keeps Us Going?

You can’t be successful without a passion that drives you forward. You have to love what you do, and I really do. I think it’s a great industry to be a part of. That’s why I continue to do what I do and it’s also why Koozai continues in the direction that it does.

In most industries, people don’t necessarily speak or share knowledge, but the digital marketing community is very different. In this industry, we actively share in order to push the industry forward and I’m honoured to call most of my competitors friends.

At the risk of this post sounding like a failed Oscars speech, I would like to finish by thanking all the people that have been part of Koozai’s journey this far. You know who you are.

So thanks for an amazing 10 years and here’s to the next!

Now all that’s left to do is celebrate. Bring on the cake.


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    Stuart Mundy

    Congrats Ben, Awesome achievement!

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