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James Perrin

Is the Future of Digital Marketing Going Mobile?

29th May 2012 News, Industry News, News 3 minutes to read

Smartphone ImageApple did it, Google got on board, and now Facebook are believed to bringing out their own range of smartphones. As the world begins to go mobile, we take a look at what this means for the world of Digital Marketing.

For the man and woman on the street, having technology that simplifies their lives and enables the easy delivery of information to flow from one person to another has always been hugely popular, making it a key driver behind technological advancements. We’ve seen this over the years, and if we didn’t already know, mobiles, or smartphones to be specific, are the next must-have accessory to enrich people’s lives.

The iPhone really has revolutionised the way in which people use technology on a daily basis. Since then Google also have seen the power of mobile, taking over Motorola Mobility in the process. For them, this means they can now start to design their own hardware, taking their mobile strategy to another level. So, in the midst of a mobile revolution, Facebook, the social media giants clearly don’t want to be left behind.

350 million users access Facebook on their phones using the app for their iPhones, HTCs, Samsungs, Nokias…you get the idea. Mark Zuckerberg is apparently worried that Facebook will get left behind, and simply considered as just an app if they don’t get on board creating their own hardware [Source: The Guardian]. So you can see that Facebook are taking the mobile world seriously, and with such big players looking to get a stranglehold of the market, it’s evident that Smartphones and the mobile industry will play a crucial role in any businesses online marketing efforts moving forwards.

If you haven’t already considered incorporating mobile into your overall digital marketing campaigns, it’s high time that you did. Mobile is driving social media, search and M-commerce. So, any business that is looking to market themselves online need to factor in the mobile user. Now, the way in which you achieve this will depend on your type of business and the sector within which you are working. Generally speaking though, it’s best to engage in all aspects of mobile, so that’s search, social and M-commerce for your efforts to be effective.

M-Commerce -According to the Internet Advertising Bureau 52% of UK phone owners engage in M-Commerce. Shockingly though, a high number of ecommerce sites haven’t actually optimised their sites to work on mobiles. With many more users trusting and wanting to purchase via their mobiles, this means that you should ensure your website is visible and functional via a handset.

Consider creating a completely separate mobile website or redesign your current website so that it renders on devices other than just a desktop or laptop. At Koozai we have recently done something similar with our site. So no matter what device you are using, the user experience will not be compromised.

What about search marketing campaigns on mobiles? Look to optimise your site for local terms and ensure that you are visible on platforms such as Google Places. People now search more than ever on-the-go, so it’s important that you optimise your site for location-specific terms, where people will be within close enough proximity to use your products and services.

Engage with your audience via social media. Facebook and Twitter are obviously the big social networks that you need to consider when it comes to your mobile marketing campaigns; however there are many more, so be sure to use the ones that specifically target your audience. For example, there has been a lot of talk about Pinterest and its potential for Etailers, especially for fashion brands and designers. For these kinds of campaigns, look to offer your audience discounts, vouchers as well as entertaining and engaging content. With mobile phones, users have the ability to click on any link that you post that takes them straight through to your mobile optimised site. So, it’s a great driver of traffic too.

Mobile Apps are another great way to engage with existing and new customers. The best apps are those that are targeted and those that deliver value to the user. So make sure that your app is actually useful, and targeted towards your consumers that are interested in the products and services which you offer.

These are just some of the ways in which you can start making mobile marketing work for your business. If mobile is good enough for Facebook, then it is should be good enough for any small to medium sized business looking to achieve that necessary exposure.

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