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Lucy Griffiths

Google Dominate UK Internet Traffic

29th Apr 2008 News, Industry News 1 minute to read

No real surprise there, but do you know by just how much Google is dominating the UK Internet landscape? Well, according to those well respected Analysts at Hitwise, the search behemoth now accounts for over one third of all Internet traffic in the UK through it’s major properties, e.g. Google.co.uk, Google.com, YouTube, Blogger etc., (Google delivers over a third of all UK traffic).

The co.uk and .com versions of the search engine even account for an amazing 87.7% of all UK searches. Putting this into context, in third place you’ll find Yahoo with just 2.85%.

The Hitwise article goes on to explore the impact of Google’s dominance considering the fact that Google will allow non-trademark owners to bid on trademarked terms within the UK from the 5th May 2008. In other words, from the beginning of next month, you will not be able to stop third parties bidding on your trademarked terms. Given the dominance of Google, this will have a major effect on many UK businesses. When compared to the US market where this is already the case, Hitwise estimate a potential drop of just under 8% in terms of traffic once competitors and affiliates are able to bid on trademarked terms, such as brands.

However, despite these changes to PPC rules, the underlying factor here is that Google remains THE place to be seen. With almost 88% of all UK searches taking place on the search engine, getting a decent organic ranking for your key terms is vital, as is backing that up with targeted PPC campaigns.

Some people often wonder why the Search Engine Marketing industry is so Google-centric. These latest figures from Hitwise certainly go some way to show exactly why we do focus so much of our attention on the number one search engine. Whilst Microsoft and Yahoo can’t be ignored, Google’s ability to send high volumes of search traffic to a site is unparalleled.

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