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Stacey Cavagnetto

Hello to tech-free Tuesdays and carrier pigeons!

1st Apr 2021 News 2 minutes to read

Here at Koozai we’ve put our heads together and hatched a fun new idea – tech-free Tuesdays, with a twist! The idea came about due to the move to permanently working from home – there’s been lots of gabbling that timely communication is suffering due to the lack of face-to-face contact in the office. So, after some serious thought, we came about the idea to use carrier pigeons to deliver our messages to one another and clients on dedicated tech-free Tuesdays. Trials for our new #techfreetuesday initiative will start on April Fool’s Day, officially commencing on Tuesday 6th April.

The importance of having some time away from technology is what drove our new initiative, but banning modern technology is easier said than done. We knew if we just stopped with all communication it would cause a bit of a flap, so in order to abide by the rules and still be able to pass information to one another, we voted in favour of written notes sent via carrier pigeons.

Carrier pigeon training schedule

Aside from aiding the team during our tech-free Tuesdays, we also wanted to provide everyone with a pet to care for during a very difficult period, so once we’d made the decision to get started, everyone received a pigeon pal and home-training commenced.

The team underwent successful carrier pigeon management training over an eight-week period during the winter and spent a lot of time bonding with their pigeons. By utilising water and food-based incentives, the team were able to command their bird to hold and deliver messages to certain colleagues and clients, and upon arrival at their destination, they were also trained to wait for a response before returning to their owner.

Why choose pigeons for the task?

Carrier pigeons or homing pigeons are a big part of British history, and we wanted to look into how it would work when technology and much easier methods of communicating were readily available. They’re also cable of flying great distances when required which worked nicely for some of our clients further afield.

With training having recently come to an end, April Fool’s Day sees the first trial day for the team using their carrier pigeons to see how successful our very first #techfreetuesday might be.

It’s safe to say that some attachments have been formed over the last few months and the team have affectionately named their new pigeon pals…

Administrator Holly with Steven Squawking

Account Manager Hannah with Meryl Cheep

Content & PR Specialist Stacey with Eggolas

Head of Paid Media Steve with Chandler Wing

Account Manager Kelly-Anne with George Cooney

Managing Director Sophie with Egg Ryan

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Stacey Cavagnetto

Content & PR Lead

You’ll find Stacey shooting hoops on the netball court, that is if she’s not binge watching something on Netflix. She likes to keep herself on her toes, whether it’s from 15 years of ballet, or terrifying herself with a horror movie. Not that any of that would keep her from sleeping; she relates strongly to the ever-drowsy Koala as she’s a big fan of snoozing.

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