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Georgina Dinnage

Is A Digital Marketing Career For Me?

7th Dec 2017 News, Careers 3 minutes to read

Is A Digital Marketing Career For Me?

Considering career options? If marketing appeals to you then it’s well worth considering a digital marketing career. But why work in digital marketing?

Firstly, this is a rapidly growing industry with a vast array of career options. When modern marketers talk about their industry, they are invariably focusing on digital channels. When they are talking about recruitment, they are also most likely to be looking for talented young professionals with digital marketing skills that are emerging and highly in demand.

Remember, many of today’s more senior marketing managers and directors came into their profession before digital marketing career options even existed.

So, what could you expect from a career in digital marketing?

Growth opportunities

The first thing is that the industry is young, growing and has plenty of opportunity for appropriately skilled and talented individuals.

Creative and stimulating

The digital marketing industry is a highly creative and enjoyable industry to work in. One of the best digital marketing tips / advice for graduates is to be prepared for constant change in their line of work. This tends to suit naturally flexible and curious marketers. Skills such as adaptability, the ability to innovate, a willingness to try new things and natural curiosity are highly in demand from employers.

Those digital marketers who are ready to work hard, to learn new technologies, to share their expertise and to keep evolving their skillsets will find that digital marketing career progression options are extremely attractive.

Perfect for agile minds

The digital marketing industry is highly attractive if you enjoy learning new things all the time. Forget going to university and then attending an annual skills refresher course to keep your knowledge up to date. With a digital marketing career, you will constantly be trialling new platforms, technologies, engagement methods and tools that help your business to connect with audiences in new ways.

Changing business models

The good news is that the pace of change in today’s digitally-enabled business world means that the old hierarchies are being challenged. Progression based upon years of service can no longer exist in businesses which are desperate for talent, knowledge and skills. So, invest in your digital awareness and your future career could be fascinating indeed. Remember, most social media manager jobs didn’t even exist a decade ago. With the pace of innovation and change escalating, can you imagine what types of roles might be available for those in the know in the coming years? If you’re prepared to invest in constant knowledge assimilation, you could be commanding an excellent salary and a career path that really excites you.


The digital marketing industry tends to nurture bright and creative minds and this can result in fun and engaging teams and a real culture of innovation and enjoyment. Plus, if there’s an office in the company which looks great, colourful, spacious and engaging – with plenty of tech and toys to hand – you can pretty much guarantee that it belongs to the creative sparks in digital marketing.


Forget having to convince an old-fashioned boss of the merits of flexible working. When you work in digital marketing, knowledge about the true value and benefits of digital business models comes with the territory. So, look forward to flexibility as part of your package, with the ability to work remotely and even on a flexible basis. This is a huge perk for those seeking work / life balance as well as a highly satisfying, rewarding career with excellent growth and progression prospects.

If you like the sound of any/all of the above, we have an exciting range of opportunities ready for you on our Jobs page!

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Georgina Dinnage

Hailing from Norfolk, George is well travelled after spending 3 years in New Zealand, before settling in the Big Smoke. Passionate about Prosecco and the gym (and the two combined), fitness enthusiast, George is also a devoted skier. So if you can’t find her on the slopes, it’s likely you'll find her at the apres ski.

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