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10 Tips for Selling in a Lockdown Environment

11th May 2020 Marketing Strategy 3 minutes to read

10 Tips for Selling in a Lockdown Environment

So, it seems everywhere we look its all doom and gloom, but we’re here to brighten up your day with some quick sales and new business tips.

1. Remember, where there is adversity, there is opportunity

Use the situation to do the things you wanted to do but haven’t got around too. For example, with 90%+ of the high street shut, improve your ecommerce offering and experience.

Do training events? Do online training events. Coffee shop closed? Sell your products online. Auction house shut? Do online auctions. You get the picture.

2. Don’t be desperate

Not everyone is a buyer, so don’t try to sell to people that don’t need what you have to offer. These may be hard times for many, but you cannot come across desperate when selling. People move closer to you if they trust what you’re saying and you remain calm, authoritative, confident and tactile.

3. Look at this as a winter to survive not a storm to weather

People are anxiously awaiting the coronavirus lockdown to be lifted, but we all know that it will not be business as usual.

Typically, many high street stores have generated a high proportion of their revenue in store, whereas with social distancing becoming the new norm, will we see a real shift.

For example, as lockdown lifts will shopping-by-appointment become the new norm? It’ll certainly reduce window shoppers and increase in store conversion rates. But this also opens up the huge ongoing opportunity posed by ecommerce as people continue to shop more from home for some time to come.

4. Don’t abandon marketing

With many people focusing on operations, going remote and taking care of clients, many are not investing time in their own brands marketing. This is the time to try and maintain if not double down on the things you’ve always wanted to do in order to come out the other side in a super-strong position ready to capitalise on the uplift whilst your competitors lag behind.

5. New business is a team effort

Seek opportunity. Don’t just wait and see and bury your head… we all need to be proactive, take individual and collective responsibility, support each other and adopt a new business culture. This applies across the whole business and ‘selling’ shouldn’t just be the domain of the ‘sales’ department.

6. Be a realist, but also an optimist

Whilst we all need to acknowledge that the situation with covid-19 is serious, maintain a mindset that is positive, optimistic, future-oriented, and empowered. Have the belief that you are going to succeed despite the challenges you face and you’re going to rise out of the lockdown situation in a strong position to capitalise.

7. Move to video and adapt

Deal with any lack of face to face with video. Do video calls, video pitches, video consultations and include video on your site and even in proposals to put a face behind the brand.

8. Reimagine and reinvent

With everyone at home with ‘lockdown hair’, you would think the hairdressing industry is expected to be among the first to bounce back post the lockdown.

Then again, for some time, will customers go to a hairdresser, or opt for mobile hairdressing services at home would become the trend?

This is just one example of a new business model that will surely evolve. Equally, for more indulgent treatments like colouring, salons could look at sending product kits to consumer’s homes and they could guide the consumer through a video call.

9. Sales Channels

With the inevitable recession people will continue to buy essentials online, buy will also still seek out indulgences as they’re not spending all that money on going out. Therefore, many brands can capitalise but not just selling via their own direct to consumer platform, but also via other marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. We produced another post on that here

10. People are looking to grow

Everyone has a little more time for self-development. So, all those content ideas and new formats you’ve been meaning to try, this could be the perfect time to educate and inspire your prospects with video, webinars, podcasts and other clever content. Take advantage for your brand.


The key thing to remember is life goes on and this will pass. Stay productive, don’t become distracted and stay focused. Continue to learn and grow. Continue to educate your clients and work on your brand. We’ll be back to normal before we know it and the economy will bounce back with a vengeance, so be sure to be in a good place to take advantage when it does.

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