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Lenka Istvanova

Does Your Business Really Need An Email Newsletter?

7th Apr 2014 Content Marketing 6 minutes to read

The benefits of Newsletter for your businessHere’s the simple answer: If you don’t want to increase your conversions and/or create effective relationships with your existing, as well as prospective clients, then NO you don’t need to create regular company Newsletters. If however you do, then you should; here’s why. 

For those who are skeptical about the power of Newsletters, email marketing is still one of the most effective tools for driving sales.  Research by the Direct Marketing Association showed that 66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of email marketing messages.

Still not convinced? Have a look at the following numbers:

  • Email has three times as many users as Facebook and Twitter combined, meaning Email reaches much bigger audience than Facebook and Twitter together. (KissMetrics)
  • 40% of B2B marketing professionals stated that the leads generated by email marketing are high quality. (Software Advice Survey)
  • The average ROI of email marketing is $44.25 for every $1 spent. (ExactTarget)
  • 27% of consumers were more likely to say their favorite companies should invest in more email. (ExactTarget)

The super-power of Email Newsletters

If you think that a regular branded email offers little or no value for your business you’re wrong. An effective Newsletter can produce a positive ROI. On top of that, a relevant, timely and engaging Newsletter complements your website and other marketing channels. It helps to keep your name in front of your existing and potential clients and build effective relationships.

Email Newsletters are very effective especially for businesses selling high-involvement products where customers carry out extensive evaluation before the purchase (e.g. house, car, garage, etc). For example, if it takes few months for you to convert leads, Newsletter will help you to stay in touch with your prospects during the decision-making process.

A newsletter is a way to remind customers about you and your services or products, while providing useful information

Finance concept: book Email, Benefits on white background

Key advantages of a regular Newsletter

  • Cost-effective

Email marketing is very cost efficient, especially when you compare it to offline marketing where you need to include printing and sending costs as well.

  • Helps create and maintain relationships

An effective email Newsletter will help you stay in touch with your clients and prospects; it creates a unique opportunity to connect one to one with consumers. Remember that sharing useful (not salesy) information about your products or services will help establish you as an expert on the topic. The more customers that see you’re an expert and knowledgeable about the topic, the stronger and more trustworthy the relationship.

  • Increase in website traffic

A regular Newsletter with links to your products or interesting blog posts will have a positive impact on web traffic volumes.

  • Increase in sales

With a Newsletter you can target people who already express an interest in your products or services. With such a highly targeted message you basically nurture potential customers who haven’t yet converted as well as existing clients who may or will likely buy from you again.

Wouldn’t your business like to enjoy all of these perks?

Now I’m sure that many of you might still not be convinced. It’s likely that your main concern is the time spent on the creation. Well, Shavin Mahtani, CEO of WatchZone.com who uses Constant Contact email software spends less than hour to produce it;

“This is definitely something a non-techie can do. It took us about 45 minutes – start to finish – to build and compose our e-mail. And each campaign since then has taken less time to set up.” (Source)

There are plenty of Web-based email marketing software that will help you to design, create, send and track your email marketing campaigns. These are great for both small and big businesses as they usually offer different packages based on the number of emails you want to send each month or the number of subscribers.

In general, if you are a small business with less than 500 subscribers you will be able to send your email campaigns for free.

Here’s the list of popular email marketing platforms used by many small as well as large companies. I’ve worked with some of them and all of them offer pretty much the same service.

Top Content Ideas for your Newsletters

So you have decided to incorporate a Newsletter into your marketing strategy and you’ve picked the Email marketing software that suits your needs. Now it’s time to come up with content you will send your customers. The good news is that you already have the content, you just don’t know about it.

From my own experience it’s good to start with a few topics/sections (2-3). For example, you could have two regular sections such as ‘Company News’ and ‘Top Blog Post and a final section could be anything from offers to special announcements or interesting facts.

  • Surveys and Statistics – You can use your current customer surveys or industry related statistics as people like reading this type of information.
  • Company News – When I was working as Newsletter Editor in my previous role the Company News section always worked well suggesting that people like reading about the success of your business (awards, nominations) and anything that happens inside your company (new employee, anniversary, fun event, etc). Don’t forget to include photos here as they will definitely improve your CTR.
  • Your Blog – If you have a business blog that is updated on a regular basis then this is a great type of content for your Newsletter. Dig into your Google Analytics and see which blog posts has the most number of views throughout the month and share it with your subscribers.
  • Quiz – This is a no-brainer as almost everyone like quizzes from time-to-time. The quiz results can also act as a powerful base for future content creation.
  • Interviews – Conduct an interview with an expert relevant to your industry and you will have a perfect material for your next Newsletter issue.
  • Case Studies – Examples of how your products and services work in a real life are always a good material that people read. If possible, include some visual content such as photos, videos or graphs.
  • Useful additional resources – You can go the extra mile and help your customers by including links to useful websites, articles or other resources.
  • F.A.Q. – Use your FAQs for content creation. Pick one question you often get asked by your clients and create detailed content to provide an answer.
  • New ProductsThis is self-explanatory really, let your clients know about your new services or products as these might be the ones they were looking for.
  • Offers – Share any offers you have on your website or create offers exclusively for your Newsletter subscribers and don’t forget to tell them that. They will appreciate the exclusivity or ‘VIP-ness’.

Are you thinking of creating regular Newsletters for your business? Have you achieved some great results with your email marketing campaigns? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Image Credit:

Newsletter Envelope Illustration from BigStock

Finance concept: book Email, Benefits on white background from BigStock

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