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DIY Digital Strategies: Are They A Mistake?

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As a digital agency we love to hear from new prospects as does any business, but why is it that the strategies we pitch could not be completed by the client alone?

A client pitch takes a long time to prepare. A long time. Depending on what is needed, many different channels can be involved with individuals looking into prospect’s accounts which can be numerous, and not always cohesive.

The pitch process for a digital agency breaks down like so:

  • Take the initial call and gather the information needed to make recommendations
  • We meet and discuss the opportunity
  • We look into all the associated accounts
  • Research and collate our findings
  • Make suggestions and run these past other team members
  • Write up our findings and add them to a deck
  • Have an internal meeting to go over what we have found and present the deck to each other
  • Present to the prospect

As you can see this is not a 5-minute job and requires the input of several members of the team. Each team member is an expert in their field – be it SEO, Content, PR, Social, Search, or Shopping and has trained for a long time in order to be able to advise on this complex topic. The team here at Koozai is used to ensuring they work together and provide a cohesive, overarching strategy that takes the client’s business goals and KPI’s into consideration, as well as completing road-mapped tasks and reaching pre-determined markers.

Often, we hear of businesses taking on this work themselves in an internal capacity, however, the truth of the matter is unless you have an in-house expert in each of the fields you are interested in, the production will not hit the mark. One person could not undertake all digital services – the reason being is that the time of just one person will nowhere near allow for the breadth of work to be completed which has been outlined. Our suggestions in a pitch include the input, expertise, and time of the entire agency and so assuming this could be done single-handedly would only result in disaster.

Usually, when engaging services for your business, you would not suggest that you would do it yourself. You don’t do your own dental work for example, and yet in many circumstances, a digital consultant will have trained for just as long as a dentist. When looking at investing in digital services, there are unfortunately no shortcuts. Engaging the correct agency is essential and we often have to advise against some of the ideas a client comes to us with as we know they will not provide the optimum result. A good agency understands that you are the expert in your field and knows that they are experts in theirs.

Clients can usually see that they would be best positioned to have the expertise of a well-established digital partner, but there is still good evidence to suggest some clients think this can be undertaken without this critical input. Time and time again we find we are correcting mistakes that could have been so easily avoided with expert advice and ‘buy cheap buy twice’ really does resonate in this circumstance.



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