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Should You Invest In A Mobile Website Or App?

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Mobile On Google AnalyticsHave you thought about how much of your revenue comes from mobile? If your website is optimised for mobiles then chances are you’ve looked at some statistics, but how much could you be making if your site was actually properly optimised for mobiles?

The data can really show you how well your current site is optimised on mobiles and what potential there is to improve the revenue from mobiles. So here’s how to find out if it’s worth it to you!

Getting The Most Out Of Mobile With Google Analytics

First off, create an advanced segment in Google Analytics to show you traffic from mobile visits only. You can then apply this segment to all reports within Google Analytics, including the Conversion reports to see how much money you are making from mobile.
The first thing you should see if you look over a long period of time is how much mobile use has increased in recent years:

Mobile Traffic Increase Screenshot

Compare your statistics for mobile against a segment excluding mobile to see how the interactions vary. Think about:
Which conversion rate is higher? which has the higher bounce rate? What percentage of users are using mobiles? What is the average order value? How much revenue has there been? What is the cost of mobile optimisation or an app?

This data can highlight areas that need more work and areas that need more investment and show that the cost of a mobile site and an app could be considerably less than you expect and generate a lot more revenue than you might think.

Bounce Rate Screenshot From Google Analytics

Goal Conversion Rates By Segment Screenshot
For example, if the bounce rate or page load time on mobiles is considerably worse than on desktops you would need to optimise your performance in order to increase your success. These images show examples of an app that’s main objective is not on site conversions and whose mobile version of the site needs improving.

What Else Can I Do?

If your website is already performing well on mobiles, think about how well you’ve optimised for all mobile technology. I’d also recommend you do the same for tablets, as these are increasingly popular and a study by Google (as seen in their Science of Mobile webinar) showed that users with tablets have more money than other users.

Furthermore, tablets are used specifically to shop with and, as with mobile, it’s cheaper to bid on, there’s less competition, higher conversion rates and a higher average order value than mobile and desktop.

During Google’s webinar (Science of Mobile 2) they also mentioned the following tips for building a mobile website:

  • Use Up/Down scrolling only
  • Use large finger sized buttons that are easy to select
  • Use drop down menus
  • Avoid areas where users need to type
  • Keep the one main purpose of the site clear
  • Have a click to call button

Sounds simple, but many people forget these key aspects and try to make their mobile site mimic their desktop site exactly – but that’s not what mobile is there for. Now’s your chance to make your content and conversions even more accessible and easy for anyone to use on the go.

We offer an affordable app development service and also have our own Website SEO Analyser, now it’s your turn to get creative and enter the mobile market!

Feel free to get in touch with the Koozai team to find out how we can get started and help you develop your website so that its optimised for mobile.

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