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Link Building Blog Posts

  • Kelvin Newman
    Five Outlook Tricks to Improve the Success of Link Building

    So Many EmailsToday we welcome Kelvin Newman – the organiser of Brighton SEO – to talk about email overload and how to manage it in Outlook.

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  • James Perrin
    Why Link Quality is Important and How to Build Quality Links

    LinksAn integral part of anyone’s SEO strategy is link building. Right now, anyone performing SEO or working on a campaign will be looking at ways in which they can build links to the site they are looking to optimise. Now the age old debate in SEO link building is whether you should focus on quantity of links, or quality of links, or a blend of the two.

    As you’ve probably gauged by the title, I’m not here to discuss ways to build a large quantity of links. Now, that isn’t to say that this isn’t still important. Of course the number of backlinks a website has is important, but there is a need to focus on quality links as well. Why you should do this and how it can be achieved will be discussed.
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  • Mike Essex
    The Psychology of Link Building (Outreach Mind Control)

    Psychology of Link BuildingIt’s tough to get links from high profile websites such as the Guardian and TIME and only the strongest pitches and most effective outreach will get results. To do this it’s vital you understand the way people you are contacting work, alongside the needs they have, and all the hundreds of others things they have to get done.

    You can do this with psychology, and in this presentation we reveal the same psychological techniques we used to get coverage in the BBC, Daily Mail, CBS, TIME and many more. Best of all we show you how to do this too.

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  • James Perrin
    Google Updates: Panda, Local Search and Links

    Google have announced a mammoth update, with 40 changes and tweaks to the way the search engines will work all over the world. The main focus of the changes revolve around the ongoing Panda update (we’re up to version 3.3 if you’re keeping track), as well as a few other key areas.

    A couple of the standout adjustments in this monthly update will impact the way that Google evaluate their links and the way they rank websites for local searches. This will no doubt raise a few eyebrows amongst anyone working within SEO, and Digital Marketing more broadly.

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  • Stephen Logan
    Free Tools For SEO Competitor Analysis

    Magnifying GlassThis isn’t a post about espionage or subterfuge. There will be no MI5 style covert operations involved, just a few simple techniques to follow, which should give you a better understanding of what your competitors are doing.

    The Internet is an empowering tool. If you know where to look and are prepared to put in a bit of time, you can find out all sorts of information. The good news is that you don’t need expensive software or a degree in computing to get to the most valuable data. A Google search and a few little plugins should do the trick nicely.
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  • Arnold Ma
    How Not to Buy Links Like Google – Plus Link Buying Facts and Myths

    Notes“Fate. It seems, is not without a sense of irony.” My last post had a huge section on Google’s efforts to combat poorly constructed, spammy and thin content. Last week, Aaron Wall of SEO Book exposed Google doing the opposite of what they are actively and public against. Google hired a digital agency, Essence, that initiated a marketing campaign which generated a lot of poorly written paid blog posts promoting the Chrome product, at least one of the posts were found containing followed backlink to the Google Chrome page.

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  • Alec Sharratt
    Advanced Link Building Strategies

    Complex Link Wheel - smallI have covered link building in previous blog posts but this one aims to provide you with some more Advanced Link Building Strategies. These strategies will expand upon previously mentioned methods of attaining links as well as postulating entirely new mechanisms for delivering the much wanted link juice to your website.

    What separates these strategies from other more basic techniques is primarily the planning or preliminary work involved. Most of these methods are more suited to larger websites in more competitive industries rather than say local businesses competing within a small geographical area.

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  • Alec Sharratt
    SEO For Local Businesses

    SEO for local businessesSEO is often discussed with reference to large companies, corporations and businesses competing nationally or even globally. But SEO should be affordable, available, effective and useful for everyone competing online. This post will offer some SEO advice and strategies for local businesses.

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  • Tom Howlett
    A List of 100 Free Directories

    100 free directories Free directories are still a good way of building links to your website. There are some good quality free and paid directories out there, here we have listed 100 free directories that tend to actively review and accept submissions. We know it is frustrating when the ones you find are low quality and rarely or never review the submissions.

    Please note that some of these may not be applicable for your business whether they are industry specific, missing a related category or country specific. However, this should give you a few ideas and hopefully a number of decent links too.  Read more

  • Tara West
    Top Traits that an SEO Should Have

    ChessBeing a good SEO is about more than knowing your stuff back to front when it comes to optimisation. It’s also about the way you work. It’s the attitude and traits you have that can make you stand out in this fast growing industry.

    This post talks about five of the key traits I think make a good SEO stand out from the crowd.
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  • Arnold Ma
    4 Link Building Strategies to Avoid - With Alternatives

    Bad Link In my last post I went through a list of 28 top link building resources, if followed correctly and with a bit of creativity you shouldn’t have any problems with search engines while your rankings continuously improve.

    However, as I mentioned in the previous article, some people still believe all links are good links – quantity over quality. This kind of attitude not only negatively affects your rankings, but in extreme cases can actually get you de-indexed completely from search engines.

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