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Google Tag Manager V2

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Who Can Benefit From Google Tag Manager?

Get to grips with Google Tag Manager with this comprehensive, easy-to-follow guide. You will learn:

  • How to set up Google Tag Manager using the new Version 2 interface
  • The difference between Tags, Triggers and Variables
  • How to create and manage Tags, Versions, Users and more

Any website can use GTM and the tool is completely free. However, sites which will benefit most are those where making site changes is a costly or time-consuming process.

It’s also an efficient way to allow multiple users access to relevant sections and information so that code changes can be implemented easily. The Users and Versions features also make it easy to see who is responsible for changes and to rollback to a stable version if things go wrong.

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Hundreds of top brands, companies and media outlets trust us to give them the correct answers including:

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Get started with Google Tag Manager today and use our detailed guide to set up and manage the powerful features.

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