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14 Video Sharing Sites To Upload Your MegaUpload Content To

1st Aug 2022 Social Media, Video Marketing 2 minutes to read

If you are looking to distribute your content to other audiences, you should check out some websites that could well provide an engaging audience for your content marketing strategy. We’ve compiled a list of video-sharing websites that let you upload your videos rather than just link to them. Whilst researching this list, we realised that a lot of video sharing services come and go, and many of the websites we’ve previously come across are no longer live. Some have been bought by larger organisations, but many of them had just been shut down, most likely due to the cost of running this sort of website.

We’ve done some scouring of the web and have updated our original list to highlight 14 video-sharing websites that you can use to upload your content and reach a far greater audience.

Still the most popular video hosting and sharing site on the internet, YouTube is a no-brainer for businesses looking to get their content out on the world wide web. YouTube has 2.1 billion monthly users… I don’t think we need to say anymore!

DailyMotion is a French video hosting site but is available in over 140 countries, so it’s another one to consider uploading your content to as it boasts 300 million monthly users.

With Vimeo, you can upload existing content, but you can also create videos too which makes things nice and easy, especially for smaller businesses who don’t have the money to spend on fancy video production.

TikTok is a little bit more of a newbie, but wow is it popular. It was launched in 2016, and in Q1 of 2022, it had over 1.39 billion active monthly users. This is only predicted to escalate too, so if you’re feeling creative, get some content on TikTok!

Facebook Watch

Facebook Watch has been around for some time now, but it’s definitely worth getting video content out to your audience via this platform.

IGTV By Instagram

Instagram TV mostly consists of reels, but your followers can also benefit from both live and uploaded story videos.


Similar to Facebook and Instagram, it’s a good idea to get some video content out on Twitter. It’s worth noting though that the maximum length of videos is 2 mins and 20 seconds, so pop your long script away.

Wistia is an easy and great way to screen record, so is a useful option for creating how-to videos for anything online. Our Koozai TV videos are recorded using Wistia.

DaCast is a B2B video hosting website.

Streamable offers completely free video hosting – need we say more?

Swarmify isn’t free, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth considering. You get unlimited storage, premium encoding and some other features which may mean it’s perfect for your business.

Another platform built specifically for businesses, you can connect with viewers through personalised video experiences. And, with a customer base of over 12 million, it’s quite a popular way of doing things.

You can use Sprout Video to share videos or even broadcast live.


There are some specific sector sites too such as the below…


Twitch allows streamers to film themselves and a screen recorder, so users can share how to complete levels or find things in different games, or just record their play.


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