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Koozai Bloopers 2016

News, Koozai News 6th Jan 2017

(This is the transcript from our new video so it may not read as well as a normal blog post would)

– [Director] Ready when you are.
– For Koozai …bleh. [laughs] – Giving you the
competitive edge in the market.
We’re also …
We also … oh.
– Uh, yes. Oh. [laughs] – … so sure that the service we
deliver meets your best needs.
Obviously not.
[beep] sake. [laughs] – What was the question? [laughter] – [Director] What was the …
– Whether it’s golden
[laughs] … what?
– Our tea. The great,
the great teabag, um …
– [alarm sounds] – Users, customers, and what’s
the third one? Help me.
In its simplest form,
concept marketing …
In its simplest form,
concept marketing involves
the creation and promotion
of valuable and … urgh.
– One of the main things is that
the person is the, uh, person is …
No, no, that’s rubbish.
[laughter] – We’ve got peppermint tea.
You’ve got ginger tea.
You’ve got fruit tea.
– It’s everything’s really,
um, research …
Yeah, let’s start that
one again. [laughs] – Definitely got to use Koozai.
For a start, Ben’s beard’s amazing.
– [Director] Rolling!
– Hi, I’m Ben Norman.
I’m the CEO and founder
here at Koozai, a digital
marketing agency. [laughs] – You know, we’ve got
different shapes and sizes.
You’ve got round.
You’ve got the pyramid bag from PG Tips.
– [Director] Go.
– [Ali] One-take wonders.
– [Director] Ready
when you are, guys.
– Oh, for God’s sake!
Did she say ready to go? [laughter] – We create
everything in-house.
– [laughs] Oh my God.
What was that? [laughter] – From other companies.
– Because we’re a
smaller agency,
everyone who works
on your accounts … oh, no.
– [laughs] All types of businesses.
I can’t say “businesses” with braces.
[laughter] – [laughs] – Invest heavily in our training,
so that our staff … Our staff?
– [James] No, team. Let’s go with team.
– [Director] Our team.
– We invest heavily in training … no.
We invest? We heavily invest?
Our awards and case studies
speak for themselves.
– [Director] Do this.
– Okay. Really flexible …
[makes sound] – We like to [beep] it up. [laughs] Don’t put that in the video.
– [Director] [laughs] Blooper!

Ben Norman

Founder and Chairman

Ben’s the big boss, so we can’t pick on him. He’s a bit of a technical SEO geek and loves tinkering with new websites. Ben lives and breathes the industry so we’re not sure what else he does with his time. We don’t even think he sleeps.

What do you think?

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