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Content Marketing Blog 29th Oct 2014

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Today, I want to talk about key performance indicators for content marketing. But first of all, before I address the issue, I want you just to think about your own business and ask yourself if you’re currently using KPIs to track your own content marketing, and if you’re not, then why not.

So, first of all, these are three KPIs for content marketing. The first one is links to your content. Now, links are important because obviously they help with the authority of your own domain, and they bring in traffic to you web pages. Once people are on your web pages, they can obviously see the content that you’re producing. So links are essential in that respect.

But why would you want to track them? Well, you basically want to track them because it’s important to know where your links are coming from. If they’re coming from bad sources, then are obviously going to be links that you want to remove. If they’re coming from good quality sites, then obviously that’s going to be more beneficial for your website.

Off the back of that as well, if you can start to build up relationships with places where your links are coming in from authoritative sites, then you can basically tap them up and look for further guest blogging opportunities and PR opportunities as well. So it’s always good to focus on the quality links and not the bad ones.

The second KPI for content marketing is social shares. Again, why are social shares important? Well, basically, they allow you to see your power and your strength on social media. You can also determine as well if you’re using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, you can see who’s sharing your content, who’s liking it, who’s engaging with it. That enables you to see off the back of that if you’ve got content that you can push out on social media networks, you can make it more targeted.

Again, as well, if you know that Facebook is popular between say the hours of 12:00 and 3:00, you know that you can use that particular piece of content to push out to that audience on that platform. So again, that’s why social shares are an important KPI.

Finally on the list, I’ve kind of merged two into one at the end here, but time spent on page and also visits to content. Now, this is an important KPI to track because, essentially, you want to know the volume of traffic that’s coming to your website. But not only that, you want to see which pages they’re coming to. If you use analytics and you know that information, this then gives you the insights to create content on similar topics, similar themes, and then, again, you can push that out on your social platforms and try to generate links back to your website. So this is why time spent on page and visits to content is also important.

So thanks for watching. For more information, please visit Alternatively, you can visit our blog where there’s a lot of information on content marketing, and I believe there’s a few blog posts written as well about KPIs for content marketing.

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