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The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson


About the piece

This is a clever and novel way to tie a content marketing strategy in with a popular television series. The Personal Blog of Dr. John H. Watson documents topics relating to different episodes of Sherlock. With a personalised photo gallery and ‘About me’ page, viewers are drawn into a digital world about their favourite medical doctor.

Each blog post written by the fictional character of Watson goes out after each episode of the popular BBC Sherlock show. Scrolling through the website, you can quickly see that the blog pieces are growing in popularity each week with the latest posts receiving 43 comments to date. The BBC has also cleverly included interaction between Watson and some of the show’s other main characters, such as Sherlock himself, for readers to search and sift for.

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  • Inbound links: 8043
  • Referring domains: 1234
  • Trust flow: 24
  • Citation flow: 41

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