Bose and Virtue worked in partnership to create a music-lovers paradise in the form of a Tumblr page. The page is a smorgasbord of interactive musical content.

There are videos, playlists, exclusive interviews with artists and infographics and anything you could wish for.

The piece works so well because the target audience was thought of throughout the whole creation process. The piece includes many elements that resonate with music fans, including the buy-in from musicians that they would respect and be interested in.

The cohesive design and content means you could lose hours delving through all the musical delights. Every piece of content published on the Tumblr is high quality, well researched and endorsed by a well-respected member of the subculture. What’s more, all of the different content types support each other and work towards one main goal, to deliver the most amazing musical experience.

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Categories: Arts & Entertainment | Interactive Content

Fans On The Move

Arts & Entertainment Music | Interactive Content

Find Out What Your Name Would Be if You Were Born Today

Arts & Entertainment | Interactive Content

The Periodic Table Of Fictional Metals And Alloys

Arts & Entertainment | Interactive Content

Year In Music

Arts & Entertainment | Interactive Content

The Wimbledon Time Machine

Arts & Entertainment | Interactive Content

The Vocal Ranges Of The World’s Greatest Singers

Arts & Entertainment | Interactive Content



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