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Fans On The Move

Ticket Bis

About the piece

Who doesn’t love a good live concert? The excitement of travelling to the venue, the buzz of the audience and then the amazing moment when you finally get to see one of your favourite artists live on stage.

Ticket Bis wanted to show how far people were travelling to see their favourite sports, music and live acts and so ‘Fans On The Move’ was born. The interactive shows which country has the most international fans.

You can witness first-hand the evolution of cross-border ticket sales from early 2012 to late 2014. Taking this visual approach really shows that data off at its best, and any other form of content would have struggled to illustrate the journey to this degree.

You learn which concert was the most in demand, the top destinations and other interesting stats and facts. This multi-faceted content is a real treat to play around with.

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Ticket Bis
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