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Boost Your Brand With Digital PR Services

Ensure Your Business Is Seen by All the Right People


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Identify key journalists and bloggers in your industry


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Increases the people amplifying your content


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Valuable links, citations and social shares

Master Your Online Profile

If you have something newsworthy to say but don’t know how to get it out there, Koozai’s online PR services are the ideal solution for maximum media exposure.

Through expert digital PR management, your brand can reach new heights; expanding your audience base and building trust through earned media features.

Traditional PR Values with a Digital Twist

Watch your content grow into an amazing marketing campaign, as our expert marketers collaborate with key influencers to promote your business further than you ever thought possible.

By monitoring news feeds and actively seeking out potential media opportunities, we’re able to gain your business a wealth of valuable exposure within your target market.

We’ll help build, design and write your statements, whilst also publishing and promoting your content across various channels so it’s seen by those who matter most. We’ll use both owned and earned media tactics to secure coverage for your brand.

Engage Key Influencers

PR isn’t simply about releasing fresh news; truly successful PR involves in-depth online brand management, and building thorough audience personas whilst establishing and strengthening relationships with key industry influencers and valuable media sources.

You’ll gain invaluable insight into your audience by discovering who they are, what sites they visit and what content they want to see. Then we’ll serve up exactly what they want.

If you want to know what to give your customers, it’s time to give us a call.

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    Revenue from organic traffic rose by 41% year on year
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    Year on Year Organic Sales Increased by 94%
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4 More Reasons To Use Koozai

  • Establish connections with key industry influencers
  • Engage a wider audience with targeted consumer insights
  • Secure coverage through owned and earned media
  • Manage your online brand and establish a trusted voice

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