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Dean Marsden

Why T-Mobile are succeeding in Viral Video

13th Jun 2011 Social Media, Video Marketing 3 minutes to read

T-Mobile DanceViral Video can be a hard task to get right but with the availably of big marketing budgets, T-Mobile are reaping the awards. It all started with T-Mobile’s first off the wall, hidden camera style stunt involving unsuspecting members of the public at Liverpool Street Station at 11am on 15th January 2009.

‘The T-Mobile Dance’ featured professional dancers to create that sense of excitement and the number of dancers dotted around the locations meant the public could not just hideaway and were invited to join. All of this made the final video look fantastic, but how did it improve the success of the brand? It gave consumers something to say about T-Mobile, which worked well with their existing slogan ‘Life’s for sharing’ which had previously not related to their existing campaigns that successfully. In real terms, shop footfall increased 16% year on year and there was a 20% increase in online sales.

What made it innovative?

As well as just pushing the boundaries of existing TV, print or radio advertising it became a touch point between the brand and consumers. It also spearheaded a Public Relations campaign in which the dancers toured the country providing shows at public events. The marketing assets they had created became a real sales tool.

Where did they go from there?

T-Mobile Promoting EventAfter realising the success of the first advert, T-Mobile added details to the end of the dance advert to publicise their next event. They wanted to involve the public, a risky move but one that was to needed to further create interaction with consumers.  Three months later 13,500 people packed Trafalgar Square preparing to dance, however event organisers surprised everyone by turning it into sign-a-long. This surprise ultimately made it look more natural and real, even if pop star Pink was orchestrating the singing with her powerful voice.

Welcome Back

In the run up to Christmas, the hidden cameras were once again switched on, but this time in the Heathrow airport arrivals hall to bring cheer and fun to the otherwise worn out Christmas travellers coming home to see loved ones. This personal nature of the advert and the technical brilliance of producing the songs by only human voice was a nice idea. It’s important to note that they promoted the adverts TV premiere across all media. The idea of paying to ask people to see your advert seems worthless, but after a short break in their adverts it generated the buzz needed to get people talking about it and then stepping into stores to buy T-Mobiles products for Christmas.

Making it current

By creating something related to current events, this captured people’s attention and got them talking about it more. T-Mobile created a much needed poke at all the hype surrounding the Royal Wedding in April 2011 by releasing a fake wedding of the Royal Family. It was something the public needed and was equally picked up world wide as an estimated 3 billion people supposedly watched the real wedding.

The latest offering

T-Mobile Deutsche Telekom have just announced a fun, interactive game where members of the public can play the hugely popular game Angry Birds. The surprise is that their actions are mimicked in real life by a large replica of the level with real flying characters and destructible structures.  A fun concept that can people can relate to.

So what can we take away from their success?

  1. Involve the public
  2. Use Flashmobs for maximum impact
  3. Promote your advert in its own right
  4. Surprise people to make it fun
  5. Choose something the majority of the public can relate to
  6. Use a celebrity to drive the curious into viewers#
  7. Touch people’s emotions
  8. Make it current
  9. Relate it to their experiences
  10. And above all include your brand, product or slogan

Let us know what you think about T-Mobile’s Viral Adverts in the comments below. Do you think they done as much as they can? Do you think they’re not innovating as much as others?

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