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Why You Shouldn’t Forget Video In Your Digital Marketing Strategy

20th Jun 2014 Social Media, Video Marketing 3 minutes to read

Video PlayerWhen you think about your overall Digital Marketing strategy you may have completely forgotten to consider what part Video Marketing will take in it. Really, you should be spending a lot more effort on your Video Marketing strategy.

Here’s a few reasons why to factor in a Video Marketing Strategy into your overall plan:

Search Audience

One big reason why you should make Video Marketing a large part of your strategy is that video sites such as YouTube are huge. YouTube has the second biggest audience of people searching for answers to their queries. It’s only second to Google and way above the audiences of other search engines. The potential to reach a massive audience is there and within touch if you execute your strategy well.

Audience Types

Audiences are either looking specifically for information about a certain product or service or are wishing to be entertained. You can choose to capture either of these audiences via the type of video that you choose to create. The benefits of an informational video is that your audience can find answers to products or services within your industry or directly what you offer. This type of video tends to be more directly related to conversions because people will find their answers and proceed to the next stage of the buying cycle. Videos for entertainment tend not to have a direct conversion associated with them but are sometimes a better way of building your brand name. The video may stick in the person’s mind easier and will be associated with your brand whenever it is thought of.

Engagement and Community

Online video watchers like to engage and respond to video content. It is almost guaranteed that you will get comments about your video. This could be in the form of useful feedback or it could be criticism, be aware of comment trolls who will deliberately leave rude comments to provoke a response from others. There is a chance of your video going viral and you’ll get more response and feedback than you could manage, but then that’s part of the excitement of video marketing. You should be thinking a bit about how to deal with comments and responses.


Depending on how you distribute your video marketing you can get access to good statistics about your videos. This will be vital to measure the video marketing strategy you are generating. YouTube, Wistia and Vimeo are popular video hosting platforms that offer viewer data.

YouTube Analytics

For a free video hosting platform, YouTube offers a great deal of detail in its statistics. Reports can be generated and compared to any time periods for performance analysis. View reports on:

  • Video views
  • Demographic
  • Playback locations
  • Traffic sources
  • Devices
  • Audience retention
  • Subscribers
  • Likes and dislikes
  • Favourites
  • Comments
  • Video sharing
  • Annotation interactions

YouTube Analytics

Wistia Analytics

Wistia is a paid video hosting platform offers stats on engagement levels, time watches and playback data.

Wistia Analytics


Your video presence becomes a huge part of your online Brand. It shows you and your products or services in a way that people are used to. TV has long been the platform for brand awareness, online video marketing is becoming the new way for this. In a video you can easily convey your branding message through things like tone of voice and style of presenting.


Hopefully you are now inspired to incorporate video into your Marketing Strategy. Developing a plan for your video marketing can help increase the chances of your videos receiving more exposure and engagement, however simply having videos to support the messaging from your other marketing communications can be a good place to start. You shouldn’t ignore video as media through lack of experience with it. It’s easy to get started with just a consumer camera, a computer and some well-lit locations. If you want to push your videos, find a specialist video production company or invest in good equipment, it needn’t cost you the world.

For more information about how video marketing will help your Content Marketing and Social Media campaigns, speak to us today.

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