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Dean Marsden

10 Examples of Awesome Vine and Instagram Video Marketing

23rd Apr 2014 Social Media, Video Marketing 3 minutes to read

Vine and InstagramWhen it comes to video marketing you almost always think of YouTube, the leader of online video. However, this is just one segment of the market. Vine and Instagram are platforms with a burgeoning audience – and clever brands and marketers are taking full advantage. Here’s 10 great examples.

Vine and Instagram also have a large percentage of the video market but it’s important to note that because these services are exclusively made for smartphones, the older demographic is not so included in their use. Instagram videos can also be viewed on desktop computers via but you need to have a link, so discovering content on desktop devices is almost impossible without the help of Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram as a whole has 18 times the engagement of Facebook so chances are your videos will get a response. Instagram videos get more comments than Instagram photos, at least double for some brands.  Vine has over 40 million user accounts and Instagram has 200 million active monthly users.

Vine and Instagram both offer video publishing and sharing, but with short-time lengths; Vine just 6 seconds and Instagram a more healthy 15 seconds. Is this enough to get your message across? You need to think creatively when it comes to squeezing content into these maximum lengths. In this blog post I look at some clever examples of Vine and Instagram video marketing.


Quite a few different brands have used these platforms and I wouldn’t say there is any industry where you couldn’t have a go at creating some content.

Above all else content should be interesting, clever, creative and unique for these platforms to work well.


This stop motion animation is artistic and you can tell a lot of time was taken to craft this creative and unique Vine.


  • Utilise products from your own business to make your stop motion video
  • Plan your animation using a storyboard before attempting to create the stop motion animation
  • Use good lighting for stop motion animation


Slick animation showcasing Samsung’s smartphone and tablet devices.


  • Using digital displays in stop motion animation can be very hard
  • Plan your animation using a storyboard before attempting to create the stop motion animation
  • Tie in the animation’s story to a popular upcoming event or sports season to increase reach of the video


A simple, colourful video clip teasing one of their bold and colourful new sunglasses product.


  • Use high quality camera equipment where possible
  • Use professional studio lighting
  • Adding effects via visual effects software can help the production quality
  • Showcase products and brand logos where possible

Volkswagen USA

Creative animation combined with a live product to promote a special event.


  • Use visual effects software to easily animate photographs of products
  • Combine real life photos with illustration using visual effects software
  • Promote your current offers or business events

General Electric

Share-worthy showcase of science in action on the #6secondscience hashtag


  • Create a series of videos using a hashtag so people can easily find them
  • Show something amazing within your industry; wow people
  • Educate and inform users


Informative, slideshow style stop motion presentation to illustrate the new eBay Now service.


  • Inform users of new or existing services using words
  • Keep messaging short and simple
  • Stop motion animation adds an artistic side to the messaging


Adding a bit of personality to a large organisation with a simple ‘Have a good weekend’ message.


  • Don’t always use business messaging, convey personality with conversational messaging
  • Use photographs to create a simple animation


Simple video advert showcasing their product and sponsorship of athletes.


  • Use raw video footage to cut production times
  • Keep it short
  • Add in your messaging as text


Piggybacking hashtags of events to show products and tempt customers.


  • Use products within the video
  • Target current events with hashtags


Clever, highly shareable tips for your home life.


  • Inform users with new tips relating to your products
  • Create a series of videos to keep users coming back to view and share

I hope this list has inspired you to give it video marketing on Vine and Instagram a try. If you’re look for some more inspiration check out and see this list of notable brands on Instagram.

If you’re interested to know more about our Content Marketing services here at Koozai, Contact Us today.

Image Credit:

Vine from BigStock

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