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Oliver Ewbank

Tweet Spinner Review

2nd Mar 2011 Social Media, Twitter 2 minutes to read

The tweeting business can be a very time consuming process, Tweet Spinner is a powerful application which can help you manage your tweets and interact with your target audience.

Top media gurus swear by the benefits of a targeted social media campaign; but who really has the time to monitor their Twitter account, let alone the mass audience it attracts? There is no doubt about it, social media can be a very time consuming activity.  Fortunately, Tweet Spinner might just be able to help.

Tweet Spinner is a powerful application that carries out the more time intensive Twitter tasks for you, from managing followers to identifying your target audience. You can even schedule a range of Tweets and Direct Messages to keep your followers in constant loop.

Below are some of the key benefits to using the tool:

1.       Keyword Following – the follow manager uses sophisticated filters to help you follow appropriate profiles. This can be done by adding target keywords to your account; you then have the option of following anyone who mentions the phrase. For example, you could add ‘Snowboarding Val d’isere’ and immediately follow anyone who mentions this term.

2.       Scheduled Tweets and DMs – No one has the time to engage with users all day long, this tool will help you schedule Tweets and Direct Messages on an hourly, daily or weekly basis. You can even personalise the message. For example, you could schedule all new followers to qualify for an exclusive ‘welcome discount’ Tweet.

3.       Mimic Following – Mimic following is an excellent way to view and follow friends of your competitors. This is a great way to find relevant users in a short amount of time. For example, if you are running a concert you can interact with followers of the performing artists.

4.       Location Following – Does what is says on the tin. This feature allows you to follow people in a specific location. Perfect for a local pizza restaurant looking to promote an offer.

5.       Maintaining Quality – You can set up alerts to make sure your ‘follow back’ ratio is not too low. You can also maintain anti-spam rules to weed out any inappropriate profiles.

6.       Profile Rotator – This feature helps you keep the design of your Twitter page fresh. You can load different backgrounds, bios and profiles and test which perform the best. For example, a holiday company may have a snowboarding and skiing design on constant rotate.

Tweet Spinner

Tweet Spinner Navigation

Dig a little deeper and you will almost feel overwhelmed with the filtering options. If you want to be specific about your target audience you can filter by:

  • Age of account
  • Number of followers
  • Tweet frequency
  • Tweet activity
  • Tweet content
  • Tweet URLs
  • Location
  • Re-Tweets

As you can see, Tweet Spinner is a great way to target niche users. It teaches you to scrap the scatter gun approach and focus on your core consumers. The filtering features will help you build up a premium audience without overdoing the Tweets.

Engaging with users is made simple with scheduled Tweets and direct messaging. The profile rotator will help freshen up your account as well as test different marketing campaigns.

I highly recommend using this tool to grow and interact with Twitter users. The basic functions can help a small company follow the right profiles. The superior filters and clever scheduling apps can help a large company target and engage with valuable conversations.

Feel free to add your own comments, or indeed follow me on Twitter at @Impact_Ollie.

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