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13 Ways to find SEO Jobs

18th Aug 2010 SEO, SEO Resources 4 minutes to read

Through rapid industry growth and business awareness Search Engine Marketing Jobs are becoming a far more common entity across jobs boards and the web in general. If you’ve got the skills this article explains 13 ways to get recruited in to an SEO Job. Don’t forget to view our latest SEO Vacancies as well.

Go Direct:

1 – SEO Agencies: What better place to look than by going straight to an SEO Agency or even a marketing agency that has an online component? Perform a search for your local area with the word SEO/ PPC/ SEM and any of the following: company / agency / employer / recruiter. Even if a site does not list any vacancies it doesn’t hurt to send them your CV or call their reception to enquire if any vacancies are on the horizon.

2 – Create a need: If you find an agency that doesn’t have an online component but which strikes you as a good company, you can attempt to create a need for SEO within the company. They may already be thinking about SEO and lack the resource, or simply be unaware of the service they could offer clients. Try to arrange a meeting to explain SEO in general and what you can offer, then take it from there.

3 – Companies with a need: Search marketing isn’t just the work of agencies, companies themselves can adopt their own internal strategies and recruit for these positions. Roles such as these are harder to find and the best bet is to search for larger companies who have a big IT department. Chances are any large company has given thought to SEO and if they already have a strategy perhaps you can refine it or implement a new plan.

Promote Yourself:

4 – Blogs: If you don’t already have a blog then a free blog can be set up through WordPress or Blogger.com very quickly. This can simply be an extended CV with links to your past work or you could use the site to test your SEO abilities and target terms on the site such as “Seeking SEO Job”.

5 – Write: Slightly tied in to the above but also a valid option without a Blog is the need to write and share your thoughts on SEO with a community. Whilst there is certainly no shortage of SEO guru’s if you can write content which shares a unique viewpoint or adds existing comment to a wider SEO debate you will find an audience. Post your work on Squidoo or other articles sites and ensure your articles mention you are looking for work.

6 – LinkedIn: Home of the online CV Linkedin connects people with their business contacts. You’ll find most recruitment agencies on there too. The majority will accept requests to become shared connections if you include a nice letter explaining you are seeking SEO jobs in their area. Even without connections, having a good full job history on the site enables you to be found through searches from relevant head hunters.

7 – Twitter: As with blogging Twitter is an effective way to share opinions and make relevant connections. As an example anyone following @Impact_Mike will see I’ve mentioned our recruitment drive for Hampshire SEO Jobs many times in the last fortnight. Anyone following me who was interested in such a position could then see this information, or anyone searching Twitter for “Hampshire SEO Jobs” would also see the information.

Third Party Recruiters:

8 – Generic Job Boards: I found my job here at Koozai through Reed so would certainly be able to recommend them. You won’t always get a full idea on the company through these sites, especially if an advert is through a recruitment agency, but it’s an effective way of keeping an eye on new jobs. Also try Monster.co.uk.

9 – Graduate Websites: Even if you’re straight from University there are SEO Jobs out there including roles as SEO Juniors or apprentice schemes. You’ll have a much better time if you’ve done a placement year or your own project in your spare time as even if this wasn’t an SEO specific web project the willingness to experiment in your own time will reflect well in comparison to the many other graduates. A search for Graduate Jobs presents all sorts of options.

10 – University Websites: As with number 9 another way to find jobs straight from University is the careers website of your University itself. Employers post jobs direct, and some will only recruit in this way so it’s worth taking a look. The success of this depends on your University, and these areas are usually password protected to only allow students to view the content so you can’t always view other University job boards.

11 – Job Centre: The Job Centre offers a good number of quality marketing jobs, with a category specifically for e-commerce jobs. Whilst this should really be a category for ‘e-business’ (unless it only includes online shops) it does contain the type of roles that involve or can evolve in to SEO. Visit a Job Centre in your town or go via the Direct.gov website.

Or, if all else fails:

12 – The long way round: If all else fails you can always get a less specific job such as online marketing, e-business project manager, in fact anything with the words “online”, “e-” or “web”. Make it clear at interview stage you would like to pursue SEO in the role (as you don’t want to be disappointed) and then prove yourself within the company.

13 – Do it for free: Offer your time to charities, local businesses or friends and try to SEO their site for free. You’ll keep your skills sharp whilst looking for a job and happy people will spread the word about you.

Good Luck and don’t forget to also:

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