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Lucy Griffiths

Search Marketing Careers

31st Mar 2009 News, Koozai News, SEO 2 minutes to read

Search Marketing Careers offer great opportunities during a terrible economic period. Whilst many sectors of business are making people redundant, the growth of the search marketing field offers a range of opportunities now and in the future. Universities and other training institutions are beginning to offer more specialised search marketing education to produce graduates that can make the most of this rapidly growing area.

The Internet marketing field has developed quickly and strongly, responding to the need for high quality, targeted marketing with lower costs than traditional marketing and advertising agencies could offer.

So what kinds of career opportunities exist within the Search Marketing field?

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation Specialist
Optimising websites, performing research and selecting keywords for clients. The role requires someone who stays ahead of the game and is completely up to date with changes in Search Engine policies and procedures. SEO specialists know how to fix website traffic problems and make positive suggestions to clients.

Web Article Writer
Writing content for websites to be used for increasing traffic and backlinks. Good knowledge of SEO and Keywords helps to create articles with great search potential.

PPC – Pay Per Click Specialist
Devises PPC strategies for clients, picks keywords, creates PPC adverts and analyses traffic and conversions.

Online PR Consultant
Public Relations has now strongly moved into the sphere of the Internet. A company’s reputation and credibility are built on what people think of them. This job is about using the Internet and Social Media to promote the company positively online.

Web Analytics Specialist
An important player in an Internet marketing team, this expert uses their analysis skills and those opportunities provided by software systems to improve their client’s web traffic and conversion rates. As well as having strong analysis abilities, they also need excellent communication skills to inform the client how and what changes are needed to develop their site’s potential.

Social Media Maven
This is one of the newest areas for exploiting the Internet for marketing purposes. Social Media includes the well-known social networking sites such as BEBO, MySpace and Facebook, but also includes YouTube and Blogging. Social Media experts know how to exploit the benefits of Social Media to benefit their client’s business.

Link Builders
To obtain a good relationship with Google, a website should have lots of quality incoming links. The quality is more important than the quantity, so merely signing up for thousands of link directories is not enough. Link Builders negotiate with individuals and companies to ensure that they source links that benefit their clients.

Bloggers are writing experts that can develop short pieces of writing aimed at building reputation, backlinks and SEO possibilities. A good blog can massively benefit a website and bring potential customers and clients from all over the world to your site.

As the Internet continues to dominate business sales and marketing, more and more recession-proof jobs will come into existence. Internet commerce is growing stronger and stronger each month and without people with these skills, businesses will not prosper in this new business environment.

Koozai are always interested in hearing from talented individuals with a passion for search. If that’s you, get in touch if you’re interested in developing your search marketing career with a leading UK SEO agency.

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Lucy Griffiths
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Lucy Griffiths

Lucy is an Internet Search Specialist focusing and working with clients on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies.

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