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Reshaping Your Market Focus In Retail #SAScon

17th May 2012 Uncategorised 2 minutes to read

SAScon LogoThe first SASCon session after the initial panel was geared around market focus in the retail industry with Barry Adams from Pierce Communications, James Hamlin from Seatwave and Kristal Ireland from Propaganda.

Barry is up first talking about how we can get traffic to our sites not using SEO, in other words the ‘Google Detox’.

Google is destabilising SEO and are redefining what SEO means to ‘Google Approved Practices’. All the updates that have happened recently have really undermined the credibility of SEO and the trust in good digital marketing agencies.

We need to start looking for other forms of traffic and the main source that Barry is talking about is Email Marketing. There are over 3 billion active email accounts and 94% of all online adults use email.

The first thing everyone does when they switch on the computer is check email so we should be taking advantage of this.

Some advantages:

  • Widespread adoption
  • Low cost
  • Best Practices
    • Design
    • Deliverability
    • Personalisation
  • Permission-based
  • Easy to automate
  • Mobile

There are many types of email marketing that companies can utilise and this will depend on the industry you are in.

  1. Newsletter
    1. Permission based
    2. Offer something useful and informative
    3. Personalise offers
    4. Incentivise sign ups
  2. Transactional
    1. Order confirmation emails
    2. Decrease shopping cart abandonment
  3. Quick Contacts
    1. Price drop notifications
    2. Out of stock

Next up is James Hamlin from Seatwave who is talking about email marketing and social media working together and how to use social to send more effective emails. He is going to share some examples of how the two channels work together for Seatwave.

They built a product called ‘My Bands’ which sets up a personalised dashboard for you geared around artists and groups that you are interested in. They integrated a tool that allows you to say how much you would be willing to pay for a ticket for specific conferences. With all this information at Seatwaves fingertips, email marketing is a goldmine. They have very targeted email campaigns being sent to users that are actually interested in the artists or groups.

This is all integrated with Facebook and Twitter so that users of Seatwave can share the information with their friends and family. With this information, they can then see who you are friends with and show you artists or concerts that your friends and family like, bringing everything closer together.

You can use a similar method for any business, you just need to think about what your customers would want to receive emails about and how you can use social to find out more about what they like and enjoy.

Kristal Ireland looked at online retail and how much it is booming. Boston Consulting Group predict that online retail will account for 23% of all UK retail sales by 2016.

The rise in shopping on line from 2007 to 2010 has risen significantly and the main factors that attract people to shop online is that they can ‘shop whenever they want’ and it is easier to compare products and offers.

To take the next step in the retail market, retailers need to start blurring the boundries between offline and online. For example, John Lewis now offer free wifi in their stores so that customers can see that their pricing is the same which is something that other retail stores didn’t offer at time.

We’ll be back later today with more coverage, as well as my presentation from SASCon.

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