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Gary Hainsworth

Promoting Concerts on Facebook

20th Jul 2011 Social Media, Facebook, SEO Blog, Social Media 3 minutes to read

ConcertWith the festival season well under way every man and his dog are trying to promote their event on Facebook. This blog post will explain how to harness the right social media audience and avoid the scattergun approach.

The Page

First thing’s first you need an official Facebook page. This can be created through a company profile or through an individual’s account. The page should be bulging with information on tickets, acts, venues and any other helpful information on the concert. The page should be very ‘design heavy’ and full of posters, photos and official logos to provide immediate recognition and generate interest.

Pay Per Click

Now you have an official page you are ready to start interacting with your target audience. The quickest way to do this is with Pay Per Click advertising. By setting up a Pay Per Click campaign you can place Facebook ads next to extremely relevant content.  For example you could feature an ad next to an official act’s fan page. Alternatively you could target all 18-24 year olds who live close to the concert venue. You can direct the traffic to your official website or Facebook fan page (this is worth testing).

Use the Acts

If you have acts that already have a huge following you can tap directly into this existing audience. It is worth joining all fan and group pages related to your acts and interacting with the audience. You should not abuse the trust of users by pushing a direct sale, but it is acceptable to let them know about your concert page. If possible it’s worth getting the acts to promote your concert through their official pages (and Twitter profiles).

Blog Integration

It is worth integrating a blog into your Facebook page. This will allow you to navigate Facebook users from Facebook through to your main site. Short sharp posts on order of play, backstage gossip and potential costumes can all help users ‘like’ and spread ‘concert rumours’ throughout the network. Having a blog feed which updates Facebook automatically can have huge benefits.

Organic Interaction

Being proactive with your page can have huge benefits when growing your audience. The more relevant pages and groups you can be a member of the better. Join geographic pages that are near the arena.  Join pages which would feature your target audience. Student unions, other concerts and popular clothing brands are all worth following. Acts (and similar acts within the same genre) will give you the opportunity to comment on recent activity. Leaving appropriate comments will help you transfer some of the audience over to your official page.

Other Social Platforms

Linking your Facebook page to other social platforms can have huge benefits. It is worth linking all Facebook updates to Twitter. Posting YouTube videos from acts is an excellent way to excite your audience and prompt a purchase. Official BeBo and MySpace pages should also be integrated into the campaign.


Nothing spreads the word better than a free competition. This could be winning a free pair of tickets or hanging out back stage with one of the acts. Something as simple as VIP tickets can be enough to tempt the right audience. Simply joining the ‘official fan page’ to enter a competition is an excellent way to reach out to targeted users.


Facebook is an excellent way to promote a concert online. Paid ads can help you directly target the right audience for your event. Being proactive with your account and drip feeding snippets of content will help users spread the word organically. If this is done in the right way (not promoting a direct sale) you will have the opportunity to sustain a highly relevant audience.

Image Source

Crowd of fans at an open-air live concert via BigStock

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