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Samantha Noble

Pro SEO Seminar 2010 Review

15th Nov 2010 SEO 2 minutes to read

On 25th and 26th October we attended the Pro SEO Seminar in the London Congress Centre, hosted by the team at Distilled. The event was very well organised and I think the praise for that can certainly be pushed towards Lynsey Little, Distilled Events Organiser.

Both days were very positive and it was refreshing to see that many of the ideas being presented were for techniques that we are already using at Koozai.

The stand out presentation from the two days for us was Advanced Link Building by Wiep Knol. He covered a variety of ideas and methods for link building, providing examples of how he had got a little creative on one project, which led to the site generating over 20,000 inbound links from multiple domains.

A great tip that I took away from Wiep’s presentation was to update the strap line underneath a website logo to contain the keywords that you are trying optimise the site for. For example, one month Virgin Holidays might decide to change their strap line to Virgin Holidays – Faraway Destination Packages. When link building that month, anyone who adds a link to the site is more likely to use Faraway Destination Packages within the anchor text.

Stephen Pavlovich from Conversion Factory put together a really interesting presentation about Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and gave everyone ten tips on how to improve conversions.

My favourite tip from Stephen’s presentation was to avoid using a voucher code box prominently in the check out process of a website as it may distract the customer from making a purchase. Some potential buyers will leave the site to go off looking for a discount code, not find one and then fail to return in order to complete the purchase. If you do have a voucher code promotion, try placing it less prominently using a radio button which defaults to ‘no’.

In my opinion, there were a few ‘filler’ presentations that could have been missed out completely. A couple of examples of where this happened was in the following presentations:

  • How lessons from Sales can make you a better SEO
  • The maths of SEO

Keeping to on-topic, relevant sessions would help keep the audience more engaged in the day and I would prefer to have seen a shorter day on the second day rather than try to fill the day up until the end.

Moving away from the subject of SEO, I wanted to also thank the staff at the Radisson Edwardian Bloomsbury hotel. The receptionist (Ranjay) was so helpful and friendly and I would highly recommend the hotel if you are looking for somewhere to stay near to Covent Garden.

I think that sums out our two days at the seminar and would welcome anyone else who attended the event to add a comment to this post with details of their stand out presentation.

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Samantha Noble
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