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Andrew Tonks

Why Mobile Should be Part of Your Online Strategy

11th Nov 2011 SEO, Mobile Search 2 minutes to read

Smartphone ImageThe use of the mobile web is growing with smartphone penetration in the United Kingdom now reaching near enough 30%. In short, the mobile web is growing fast and is set to change not only the way users consumer media, but also the way business market themselves online.

For example, according to Mobile Shopping Framework Whitepaper by Yahoo! some 86% of mobile internet users polled in the United States browse the mobile web whilst watching television. This represents a fundamental shift away from both how users browse online and how business will need to market themselves.

The uptake in smartphone use is not unique to the United Kingdom either, with some of the larger online markets in Europe and the United States now seeing at least one in five people now owning a smartphone, please see below:

In light of the above, it’s my opinion that if you don’t have a strategy for mobile, you don’t have a strategy to grow your online business over the coming years.

Get The Foundations In Place Now

Having a mobile strategy in place is no small project and given it is set to become such a fundamental part of any online business, it should be given the necessary resources and time needed to allow this to become an integrated part of your online marketing strategy.

Mobile Site – make sure you have a site designed specifically for smartphone user with mobile usability a key element of the design. Getting users to easily interact with your site whilst on the move not only ensures that users can easily navigate and engage with your site, but also can help improve conversion rates and ultimately revenue.

Mobile Functionality – mobiles present numerous creative ways for business to engage with their users that traditional PC’s or laptop do not offer. Cameras, GPS maps, barcode scanners all give you more to work with to try and convert users in sales. For example, one of the most simple examples is the fact the users is already on the phone and simple click-to-call button allows users to connect with your business seamlessly.

Integrated Campaigns – as I stated above, some 86% of mobile internet users browse the mobile web whilst watching television. Whilst some might see this as a negative as effectively you’re marketing campaigns are facing even more competition for a users attention but it also presents an opportunity to integrate online campaigns with other advertising you’re doing. For example whilst 86% of people browsed the mobile web whilst watching TV, 25% of people also stated they browsed content relating to the TV program they were watching. Think to yourself, how can your online campaigns take advantage of this?

Get To Know The Mobile Users

I recently came across ‘Our Mobile Planet’ which has been put together by Google and the Mobile Marketing Association which contain a number of interactive datasets giving you data as to the extent of the mobile market in many of the world’s largest online markets.

View the site at: http://www.ourmobileplanet.com/


For More Information

If you’re looking for SEO services including those focused on the mobile web, have a look at our search engine optimisation page.

Image Source

Set of touchscreen smartphones via BigStock

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