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Samantha Noble

What Are The Different Types Of Mobile Marketing

4th Feb 2010 SEO, Mobile Search 2 minutes to read

Mobile Marketing is a fast-growing sector, although it currently only accounts for a small proportion of most companies overall marketing spend.

The market is expected to grow rapidly over the next couple of years and will become part of the standard digital marketing plan for many businesses.

With the introduction of the iPhone and smartphones, Mobile Marketing is going to provide marketers with a highly targeted approach, reaching users whilst they are on the move.

This blog post focuses on just a few of the various types of Mobile Marketing currently available, although you need to think carefully before jumping in as some of these methods can be costly and time consuming. Make sure you have a plan in place and you understand where your target audience is most likely interact.

SMS / MMS / VMS (Video)
This is the most common form of Mobile Marketing used by companies to interact with their customers quickly. This is also one of the cheapest Mobile Marketing methods.

One example of this could be a restaurant chain sending a text message (SMS) or picture message (MMS) to their customers offering them a discount if they show the text message on arrival at the restaurant.

Mobile Applications
With the introduction of the Apple App Store on the iPhone, companies have jumped on board with developing their own Application to interact with their customers. Some applications are free of charge for users to download, others come with a small fee. Checkout the Apple App Store for the latest apps for inspiration.

Mobile Games
Alongside the Applications, companies have also started creating Mobile Games which can be downloaded straight to a users phone. The games are embedded with various marketing messages enticing users to visit their companies website.

Mobile Banner Advertising
This essentially involves placing banners on mobile ready websites promoting a company or service. Companies can be selective on where they place their banners, reaching out easily to their target market. Banner Advertising campaigns on a mobile are priced in the same way as computer advertising, on a Cost per Click (CPC) or Cost per Impression (CPM) basis.

Mobile Local Search
Mobile owners are using their mobiles on the move when looking for a company close to their current location. For example, I am in Winchester looking for a shop that sells Ugg Boots. I enter this into my mobile phone and the search engine returns a list of relevant shops, their location and contact details. I can simply click on the phone number and call the store directly from my mobile.

Search engines use the GPS locator which is embedded within Smartphones and iPhones to determine my current location and display relevant results to me.

Mobile Paid Search
Very similar to the standard PC Paid Search but the number of results displayed on a mobile phone screen is up to four (normal PCs can display up to 10).

Be careful with this method, as research shows that Mobile users are less likely to interact unless you have a mobile ready site.

Run your site through mobiReady to see how your current site will appear on a mobile device – and if the Mobile market is something you are keen to pursue, think about creating a Mobile Ready site.

So there you have it, just a few opportunties that are on the market for the ever growing sector of Mobile Marketing.

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Samantha Noble

Sam is a talented multi-tasker, a dedicated mother to the gorgeous Theo and a big fan of cooking – word on the street is that she’s pretty good in the kitchen but we’re yet to know if this is true or not. Hint hint, we like cake, Sam.


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