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Oliver Ewbank

Interlinking Squidoo Pages to Build Valuable Links

1st Jun 2011 SEO, Link Building 2 minutes to read

Building a group of hubs that interlink and eventually point back to your domain is an excellent way to increase the authority of your link profile.

In a web ruled by links, search marketers are constantly testing new ways to gain valuable sources. The latest test I have run involved building a variety of quality Squidoo pages which all intertwine.  A group of themed pages linking to one unique page (which eventually links to your domain) can give huge benefits to your search engine rankings.

What is Squidoo?

For those that don’t know, Squidoo is a user-generated hub of information covering a diverse range of topics. The site is often used by online marketers to build valuable links back to their site, as well as experts looking to improve their online visibility. The links are nofollowed and the pages can often get ranked in their own right. If your content is unique, the source is well trusted by Google.

Interlinking Your Squidoo Pages

Creating a Squidoo page is fairly straightforward; you need to have unique content and unique pictures. Once you have the appropriate content, you can create your lens.  The page should provide useful information rather than self-promoting jargon. Other tips to optimise a Squidoo lens include customising the URL, bolding keywords, choosing a well searched title and adding alt descriptions to images.

Once the page is created you have the opportunity to link the page back to your domain (using appropriate anchor text). The other alternative is to link to another Squidoo page which links back to your site. This can give the main linking page more authority and in some cases a better PageRank.

For example, a bicycle shop may have five Squidoo pages interlinking but only one will link back to their site. The combined strength of five Squidoo’s will be far greater than individual lenses.

The Poll Module

One way to interlink your Squidoo pages is by using hyperlinks from within the body text.  Another option is to use the poll module which can be a great way to link lenses in the right circumstances.

For example, if you had a lot of personal training lenses you could ask the question – what are the best exercises? List all of your lenses on the appropriate exercises and away you go.


In my opinion link building is about quality not quantity. Interlinking lenses can create a higher PR and give the main link source more authority. While I wouldn’t rely on interlinking alone, I think this is definitely worth incorporating into your overall strategy.

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