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Stephen Logan

Is Pay Per Click Advertising the Solution for Small Businesses?

30th Apr 2009 Paid Search, SEO 2 minutes to read

In times of an economic slowdown we all have to find ways to economise. In business, advertising and marketing budgets are often one of the first things to be reduced; but is this a false economy?

In order to continue generating business we all need to constantly reach out to our target audience. Therefore, simply streamlining your advertising funds can ultimately restrict who uses, or is at least aware of, the products or services your company offers. For small businesses, finding a balance between advertising costs and potential customer income can be particularly difficult. Do you stick with convention and target an expensive magazine, newspaper, radio or even television campaign without visible results? Or are there alternatives that can get the same potential exposure, but without the upfront costs?

Visible Online Marketing Results

The Internet has revolutionised many areas of modern communication; however, rarely is this more evident than in marketing. With a strong online presence, any company, in any part of the world can achieve fantastic results, drawing on a diverse global audience. The traditional face of advertising has been changed forever, thanks primarily to search engine driven pay per click (PPC) platforms such as Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Without having to risk any capital initially, your website can target keywords and phrases in adverts that you’ll only pay for when someone clicks on them. Therefore your site will suddenly gain universal exposure at a minimal cost, helping to drive in extra traffic and hopefully keep business flowing. With PPC advertising you set the parameters too. So you can create a strict daily budget and ensure that advertising costs never exceed your limitations.

Pay per click services can play an important role for small businesses on many levels. Not only are they a cost-effective way to advertise, but they’re also easy to monitor too. Google AdWords, as well as its MSN and Yahoo alternatives, offer tracking devices that clearly indicate how successful your PPC campaigns are performing. For example, if swathes of people are clicking on one advert but are not being converted into direct sales, then you can adjust the keywords or landing page to better suit customer requirements, or simply cancel that advert altogether.

Small Business Pay Per Click Services

It’s a very fluid process and can be adjusted as and when required without a long-term tie-in. The ability to change budgets, replace and edit key campaigns whilst also being able to chart successes, makes this one of the most versatile options available to businesses of all sizes; hence why PPC marketing is rapidly becoming a leading force in modern advertising strategies.

As with most aspects of business, proper management of PPC accounts is integral to their ultimate success. Researching your keywords and ensuring that you are targeting the best possible searches can ultimately determine whether a campaign is a glorious triumph or dismal failure. This can be time-consuming and confusing, particularly if you’re not altogether savvy with online marketing techniques.

At Koozai we offer affordable pay per click management services to suit budgets and businesses of all sizes. So if you’re on the lookout for someone to handle your PPC campaign, get a no-strings quote from us and start turning hits into sales.

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