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Samantha Noble

Infinity Tracking Review – Call Tracking Software

14th Mar 2011 Analytics, Paid Search, SEO 5 minutes to read

Back in December last year, we started looking for a more advanced solution for tracking and analysing the calls that are generated off the back of our website. The system that we were using had served its purpose but was lacking in the functionality that we needed to take our own marketing efforts forward.

How many times have you looked at a PPC ad and thought, “Wow, that has spent an awful lot over the past two months and we have only seen two online conversions”? My guess would be that most of us have said that at some stage. What AdWords conversion tracking does not currently tell us is how many people clicked on an ad and then picked up the phone.

Introducing Infinity Tracking! This great piece of software does just that but for all traffic sources. It tracks visitors back to the referral source, individual keyword and even match type and tells you what that visitor did on your site and whether they made a phone call to you.

Each visitor is attributed a unique phone number which follows them throughout their time on the site allowing you to track exactly what they do whilst on the site. There is a one hour call latency so if the visitor leaves the site, they have an hour to call before the number is allocated to another visitor. Infinity Tracking had done a lot of studies around this and found that the majority of visitors do call within the hour or they return to the site to research some more before calling.

Infinity Tracking offers very similar functions and features to those that you see in Google Analytics but with the added benefit of seeing your call data and statistics in the same place. I would recommend using Google Analytics (or what ever analytical programme you are using) alongside Infinity Tracking.

To give you an understanding of the tool, I have broken down my views of the different elements of Infinity Tracking .

The Sales Process (10/10)
We met Infinity Tracking initially at the JUMP conference last year and were impressed with the introduction. On our return from the seminar, we set up a conference call along with a demo of the system to see whether it met our requirements.

The demo was fantastic, not too long and very to the point; highlighting the immediate benefits that we could see once installing a small piece of code on the our site. Within days of the demo, we had signed the PO and were on track to launch on the 1st January.

Installation (8/10)
The documentation we were provided for implementing the required code on our site was easy for our web developer to understand and implement. We had a couple of small issues with making sure that the code was on every instance of phone number across the site, hence why I have given this section 8/10 but other than that all went well.

We set up goals on the site so that we can also track online enquires as well as the phone calls, which I would advise you to do if you are going to use the software.

The Dashboard
I am going to break this down into four sub sections which is how the main Dashboard is broken down.

Visitors (9/10)
The Visitors section allows you to see the people who visited your website, the channel they came from, and more information about the actual visitor and their visit.

One of the great things about this section is that you can see very quickly whether the same visitor is visiting your site multiple times in a short time period and better still whether you are receiving multiple clicks on a PPC ad!

This section will show you each individual visitor and their experience with your site. As you can see from the below screenshot, on the 13th March a visitor came to our site three times, initially from Facebook, then via the Google organic results and finally directly. They did not make a call to us, nor did they convert online during their entire time on the site.

Click on image to enlarge

The only small problem we have seen with this section is that we are unable to group duplicates together so once the hour has passed and a returning visitor comes back they are shown under a new visitor number.

Goals (10/10)
As I briefly mentioned above, you set up Goals for your website within Infinity Tracking including online and offline goals. We have six goals setup for Koozai to track the different contact forms we have as well as our phone calls.

I really like this part of the Dashboard, it is broken down very clearly and the data is readily available to you in graphs and tables. You can view data by goal, by channel or just as a data log of all goal conversions.

Channels (10/10)
This section is a great way to separate traffic based on its source. The most common sources include SEO, PPC, Direct and Referrer but with Infinity Tracking you are also able to define your own custom channels.

You can monitor how each traffic source is working for you in terms of visits, goals (including calls) and Conversion Rate. Once again, the data is visible as different types of graphs, tables and raw data.

Within this section, if you have linked Infinity Tracking with your PPC campaigns (using dedicated destination URL tracking) then you use this section to analyse the data. You can track calls, goals and visits back down to individual keyword and match type so you can easily see whether or not a keyword should remain active or be paused.

Calls (10/10)
When you set the account up, you need to tell Infinity Tracking how long you feel a ‘good’ call is usually. This way you can filter out any time waster calls and not include them as an actual goal in the system. We have ours set to show the call as a ‘Call Pass’ if the duration is longer than 60 seconds, all calls under 60 seconds are shown as ‘Call Fails’. You still see the data for ‘Call Fails’ but it is shown separate to your ‘Call Pass’ data which makes for more accurate conversion numbers.

From the below table, you can see each call (pass or fail) and the data associated with it. Data is also available in tables and graphs.

Click on image to enlarge

Their pricing strategy is excellent and they have different options available for various traffic levels and business models.

The functionality available within the Dashboard is great and has saved us a lot of money in advertising costs to date as we are not wasting money on PPC keywords that are not converting for us.

All in all, I would highly recommend this software for anyone wanting real visibility of their website conversions and what visitors are doing when on a site.

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