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Stephen Logan

How the Search Engines Fare for Global Reach

17th Jul 2009 SEO Blog 1 minute to read

GlobeWith the amount of coverage the various search engines have been getting over their rankings and popularity recently, I decided to do a little experiment. Using Alexa rankings, the authority site when it comes to gaining statistical data about websites, I compared four of the major search players: Google, Yahoo, Bing and Ask.

A quick glance at their top 500 list will tell you that Google and Yahoo command the top two positions when it comes to global traffic rank. Therefore it is of little surprise to see both dominate the chart when it comes to reach. Google remain fluctuates on a figure between around 30 and 35%, with Yahoo on a far smoother horizontal bar at around 26% of all internet users who visit the site each day.



However, the big surprise comes in the form of Bing and Ask…well okay, maybe not Ask, but certainly Bing. Microsoft’s major re-launch appears to be lacking a little lustre currently. After an initial spike following its launch in early June, it has gradually drifted down to its current level, which is around 3.2%.

Of course this says nothing about the amount of searches that are being performed or how visitors use the site generally, but I’m sure this is causing some minor ripples of concern within the halls of Microsoft HQ. To be getting over 20% less traffic on a daily basis than their nearest rival does not make great reading. Neither does the fall from around 4% to their current position, not good at all.

Bing stands as the 18th most visited site in the world, not bad. There are huge deviations in its popularity across the globe though, with the likes of Russia and China only giving a traffic rank of 99 and 80 respectively. Bing is achieving the best results in Canada, where it’s ranked 11, in the UK and US it’s 16th. In the sake of fairness, I should point out that Yahoo are number 10 in China whilst no data is immediately available for Russia.

To rectify this Bing clearly needs to do something. Unfortunately though their search results are already extremely good and the usability is none too shabby either. Yahoo have developed a name for news, sport and entertainment, perhaps Bing needs to find its own niche away from search to start improving their Alexa page ranking once again.

Image Source

World globe via BigStock

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