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Eight Free Videos To Help You Beat The Penguin Update

29th May 2013 SEO Blog 3 minutes to read

Penguin handshakeThe 2.0 update of Google Penguin is in full swing with plenty of sites already hit hard and whilst it may not have been the drastic update some predicted there is no denying that in some circles of the web there has already been an impact. For those areas that Google missed they are no doubt already prepping the next update. So whether you’ve been hit or not we’ve compiled ten videos that can help.

All of these videos are taken from Koozai TV which contains over 100 free videos devoted to digital marketing.

If you don’t have time to watch the videos now or prefer text to video then you can download our free whitepaper on backlink analysis and removal.

A Video Guide To The Google Penguin Update


I take a look at what the original update was intended to impact in this video based on first reactions to the 1.0 update. In this video you’ll get a good idea of whether Penguin achieved its goals and a reminder of what the long term focus is for future updates.

SEO Checks You Can (And Should) Do Every Day 


To make sure you are aware of any drops Ollie recommends nine checks that you should do regularly, including Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, backlink analysis and rankings reports. Even tracking social mentions can help you tell if things are going wrong and provide an early warning signal.

How To Recover From A Manual Google Penalty


Emma looks at how you can tell if you have been hit by a manual penalty and the steps you should take to recover. Including how to check your backlinks, remove links, use the disavow tool and file a reconsideration request.

Is Out Of Date SEO Holding You Back?


It’s not just links that could be affecting your website, there could also be other spam tactics that are affecting your performance or even Negative SEO. In this video Andy covers old SEO tactics that are no longer best practice, so you can make sure your site is in line with what Google value.

Ten Great SEO Tools To Try


Used correctly tools can help save you time and provide focus on the things that matter. That’s one of the reasons Tara has put together a guide to ten tools she loves including Panguin and Majestic SEO, amongst others, that can help you determine Penguin issues and protect your website in the long term.

How To Detect and Remove Unnatural Links


Along with the tools Tara discusses it’s also important to remember that link removal and detection is often a very manual process that relies on a critical analysis of the data you have. So whilst tools are the first step, a human element is needed. That’s where this video from Ollie comes in which looks at the human part of link removal.

How To Broaden Your Content Marketing


With old link building tactics becoming less effective and so many people removing their links what is next for link building? Many people have found success in content marketing, much to the joy of James who heads up our team of content marketers. In this video he explains how to make content marketing work with a look at all the options you could try.

How To Kick Start Your SEO In 2013


The Penguin update, and Panda update before it, have caused a shift in priorities for many SEO projects and ultimately has made a lot of campaigns stronger and more focused on making the web better. In the last video in this roundup Andy covers what SEO means in 2013 and the tactics you should now be using.

I hope you’ve found this roundup useful. If you have comments on any of the videos please leave them below.

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