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Video Ads Are On The Rise, Be Part Of It

12th Mar 2015 PPC Blog 4 minutes to read

Video Ads Are On The Rise, Be Part Of It

The rise and importance of content creation as a whole means that making your static adverts stand out can become more difficult. You’re advertising alongside better quality website content, so your adverts need to pack a punch. One way to help stand out is to utilise video in your adverts. This can gain valuable interactions from your advertising as the audience becomes more engaged.

The Rise in Video Ads

Online video ads are one of the fastest growing mediums, even beating television. Television has dominated for many years, however younger audiences are turning to online services for their primary source of entertainment: YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, all have seen huge growth in the last 3 years.

According to a report by Business Insider, Video Advertising revenue will reach almost $5 billion in 2016, it was $2.8 in 2013. That is nearly double in a space of 3 years.

As well as heavily using video adverts on video sites such as YouTube, we are seeing more use of video in adverts on 3rd party websites in place of traditional display adverts. However, new formats are evolving such as larger masthead banner areas (a bit like YouTube Home page ads). This all generates greater interest in online adverts and helps eliminate the effects of banner blindness.

YouTube attracts more than one billion visitors every month so there is a large audience available that will likely fit into your target demographic.

Are They Effective?

Video ads have an average Click though Rate (CTR) of 1.84%. This is higher than the average for other formats, such as image display ads which average only 0.11% (data from 2009). The difference is clearly huge, and would make a noticeable increase in traffic for larger advertising campaigns.

Video ads move people in an engaging way through the medium of visuals, action and stories. Traditional banner blindness can be an issue with certain audiences so video is a very attention grabbing medium that can overcome this. The combined use of visual, audio and storytelling can also make your brand stand out more and educate the users.

Today, people watch videos anywhere and everywhere. Smartphones, in particular, are capable of downloading and playing videos whilst on the move over 3G or 4G connections. 25% of all YouTube views take place on a mobile device. This means that video is no longer just effective on Desktop devices, but also mobile devices.

Is It Expensive?

Advertising through Google AdWords on YouTube means you only pay when people actually watch your whole advert or at least 30 seconds of it. This means you don’t spend anything on users that skip your advert because they aren’t interested. Video advertising also allows you target your ideal demographic, further eliminating potential wastage of advertising budget because of the wrong people.

If you want to give your brand maximum exposure, YouTube also offers fixed price placements that can generate guaranteed impressions for a set cost.

Traditionally, the biggest cost may have been the production of the video content itself. However, it is so easy to create video yourself now. Even smartphones can record high quality video. For example, this episode of BBC Click was filmed and edited entirely using smartphones and mobile devices.

The key to a successful video isn’t the quality of the equipment you use; it’s the creativity and direction. An interesting video with low production costs will likely work better than a boring video that looks very slick. Video ads shouldn’t be treated the same as traditional TV advert styles, these typically don’t work well online because the TV format has been done many times before.

Some Examples

Video needs to be very well thought out. The most important factor is to grab a user’s attention within the first 5 seconds if you are using YouTube’s Truview format or to have a great still image if you are attracting clicks to play a video on the display network.

Here are a few examples and case studies to inspire you:

VeryPink Knits Case Study

Rokenbok Toys Case Study

ModCloth YouTube Case Study

T-Mobile Welcome Back Advert

Blendtec: Will it Blend? Advert

Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Advert

Getting Started

Hopefully you’re now feeling ready for creating and publishing your first video advert. We have previously published blog posts that can help you get started:

The best place to get started is with Google AdWords for Video as it offers an easy way to start advertising with Video for both YouTube audiences and on the display network.

Contact Koozai if you would help with this, we will be able to help create and manage a Video Advertising campaign.

With video ads you’ll see some good interaction with your brand, product or service. Don’t forget to build a returning audience by promoting your YouTube channel in the video ad itself. Gaining subscribers is like the video equivalent of building a mailing list. These are people you can share with easily in future.

For more information get in touch below or Tweet me @DeanMarsden22.

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