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Sophie Howell

Top 10 Pitfalls Of DIY PPC Management

4th Jun 2015 Paid Search 4 minutes to read

Top 10 Pitfalls Of DIY PPC Management

So you want to start up your own Pay per Click (PPC) account, but don’t know where to begin. Take a step back – is this really a good idea? Do you actually fully comprehend what it takes to understand and implement the correct practices on a PPC account?

Many people who take on DIY PPC under-estimate the importance of building a great account structure and continually managing and optimising their account. PPC can be a maze of complex jargon, bizarre practices and ongoing testing; so you need to be certain about what you’re getting yourself into before jumping in at the deep end!

desperate stresses businessman screaming and shouting crazy

These top 10 pitfalls of DIY Pay per Click (PPC) will give you an idea of what you need to consider:

  1. Campaign Settings

    There are many campaign settings options and you may be thinking to yourself where do I start?! If you select the wrong option, this can jeopardise the performance of your campaigns. The worst thing is that you may not even realise this, so make sure you understand each campaign setting before clicking on just any of the options.

  2. Understanding Keywords

    Do you know what keywords to target? I don’t just mean targeting the technical jargon you and your colleagues use in your industry, I mean using the search terms your customers’ are searching for in Google search! If you’re not careful, you could find yourself targeting incorrect terms and getting nowhere fast, if efficient keyword research is not carried out.

  3. Account Score and Quality Score

    Whenever you take a negative action on your PPC account e.g. irrelevant keyword to ad text and landing page, your quality score will be affected, which in turn will increase your costs. Bear in mind, a PPC expert will already know the best methods to use to create the best account structure and quality scores.

  4. Bidding Strategies

    There are many bidding strategies out there that you can try. However the problem is that many businesses fail to align their bidding strategies with their business goals, which is essential. It can seem quite daunting when there are so many options you can choose from. Tara’s blog post discusses the best options available.

  5. Accurate Tracking

    Tracking conversions is useful in measuring how successful your PPC account efforts are. If you set this up incorrectly, for example, by putting the wrong code onto your site or putting the code in the wrong place on your site and you do not know how to fix it, you will find yourself with a whole maze of problems. A PPC expert will ensure that your conversion tracking is set up properly and they will sort out any problems for you.

  6. Making Mistakes

    There are numerous mistakes that can easily be made if you don’t have the correct knowledge to implement changes on your account. Whether you’re accidentally pausing high converting keywords or have structured your account incorrectly, these mistakes will come back to bite you!

  7. PPC Terminology

    CTR, CTA, CPM, CPC and the list goes on! Give up yet?PPC Help

  8. Landing Pages

    Do you really know what the best landing page is to choose on your website? Most paid search traffic is sent to the Home page, sign-up page, shopping cart page or the product page, however these aren’t always the best pages to use to keep the searcher interested in converting, which means you are wasting money. Koozai spends a lot of time testing what works well and not so well on landing pages and can guide you on choosing the best landing page for your website.

  9. Keeping Up With the Latest Changes 

    The world of AdWords is constantly changing with new features and rules. As a small business owner or Manager, your time may be better focussed on other tasks. PPC requires a level of knowledge to produce fantastic results, which means keeping up with changes is a necessity.

  10. Wasting Money

    Finally, you have to accept that you will waste money whilst trying to learn this skill-set. PPC costs can spiral out of control quickly if you’re not managing the account efficiently and effectively. So before you hand over your credit card details, make sure you’ve done your PPC research!

PPC is an ongoing time and cost commitment and your account needs to be run by the correct person. I’m not saying that DIY PPC can’t be done, as many have succeeded. However, if you want peace of mind, then an agency may be the correct option for you.

At the end of the day, it isn’t just about buying keywords and creating a few ads – it’s about getting the most leads for the best cost and at the best profit.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, feel free to add them below or tweet me via @SophieeHowell.

Alternatively, if you need help with your own PPC account, speak to Koozai today to see how we can help.


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Sophie Howell

Sophie is a bit of a coke addict (the legal cola kind) and would choose dogs over cats, so you won’t find her spending much time on YouTube, but you will find her swimming as that’s her biggest hobby. Second to diet coke.

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