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Lucy Griffiths

Google Launches AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) Tool for PPC Advertisers

9th Jun 2010 Paid Search, Google AdWords 2 minutes to read

Google AdWords announces new ACE tool, allowing advertisers to compare the effectiveness of campaign changes in real-time.

The Google AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE) tool will give you the opportunity to clearly distinguish which changes are effective and which aren’t. You can simultaneously test different bid prices and keywords to see which ones bring in the conversions.

This new feature could well take a lot of the guess work out of PPC advertising. In the past changes would have to be made, measured over a certain period and then compared with your previous data. With Google ACE, you can do your testing in real-time, pitching new against old and getting measurable results as a consequence.

This new tool is currently only available to US users, but once Beta tests are successfully completed we can expect a global roll-out. If want a full explanation of what ACE offers visit the Google Ad Innovations site or indeed watch the video below. However, here is our quick interpretation.

You have an advertising campaign that is live and receiving clicks; however you feel that it could be achieving better results.  You identify some new keywords that you believe might help improve the focus of your adverts.

Now in the past you would have to include them and guage the results later. However, with ACE you can experiment a little and see how the new keywords work in direct competition with your current campaign. Google will split your adverts so half use the new keywords whilst the other half are the original versions. You should then quickly see which are having the best impact on your CTR and conversion rate.

This avoids any ambiguity caused by shifting search patterns and seasonal consumer changes. By testing adverts side by side it is possible to get definitive results and remove much of the potential ambiguity involved in paid search campaign optimisation.

Remember this can also be applied to other factors, including bid amounts, so you can not only judge which combinations work but you should also hopefully see an improved ROI.

Google AdWords Campaign Experiments should help speed up the process of optimising your PPC adverts and ensure that you get more value for each click. It will also make management more straightforward, allowing easier reporting of results and give a clearer idea of where future improvements can be made.

ACE will certainly be one to watch out for when it does eventually reach these shores.

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