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Questions Your Boss Will Ask About Remarketing

22nd Jul 2014 Paid Search, Display Advertising 4 minutes to read

Chasing A Ball Remarketing is an exceptionally powerful way to market to previous website visitors, but not many businesses are doing it. This may be because people are unsure of how to do it or have concerns about utilising it. So, here at Koozai we’ve put together a list of questions your boss may ask about this useful display advertising strategy.

Whilst there are many questions you may have, I’ve listed the most popular ones that anyone asks when it comes to Google AdWords Remarketing.

How can I build up Remarketing lists when I have very little traffic?

Remarketing lists can take a long time to build up for websites with lower visitor numbers, or with private content that you can’t add tracking to; however, you may still be able to reach the required 100 unique cookies. Make sure the membership duration of your cookies is long enough to capture enough visitors. If it is set to 30 days this may not be enough time to capture the required 100 cookies.

To quickly build your lists, make sure you place the tracking code on your most popular pages. This is usually your Home page, but use Google Analytics reporting to identify other popular pages that your visitors may land on.

Another idea is to use Google AdWords search network targeting to drive relevant traffic from the search results to your website and build up your list quicker; although you should be aware that this sample of audience may not be your normal type of visitors if you haven’t used AdWords before.

How do I avoid annoying my visitors with adverts that follow them around?

Google AdWords allows you to change the frequency capping for how many times a unique user will see your advert over a given time period.

You can set the frequency cap to apply over a period of one day, a week or a month. You can also set the frequency cap to apply to single ads, ad groups or entire campaigns.

With a little bit of time spent on choosing your frequency capping, you can reach out to your audience without annoying them. Use Google Analytics to review how much your audience are engaging with your website, to get an idea of what you should set your frequency capping to.

There can be a fine line for what frequencies work best and which don’t, and it requires testing for your own customers. Never allow for your adverts to constantly show to your users because you think they will give in and buy from you. This will only damage your brand image in the long run.

Furious Businessman

How do I stop my Remarketing adverts from showing on poor quality websites?

Without adjusting your settings your banner adverts can appear anywhere on the web that your website visitors may visit. This could do harm to your brand by potentially showing on gambling, adult or pharmaceutical websites, etc.

To stop this, Google AdWords allows you to exclude websites from your targeting, meaning your adverts won’t show on the domains you choose to exclude. If you don’t have a list of specific domains you’d not like to appear on, then you can choose from AdWords’ built in category lists which do a good job of excluding certain types of websites. Further refinement is recommended by reviewing the placements report to see where your ads were shown, then identifying and excluding any poor domains.

Can I target seasonal trends with Remarketing?

You can set the membership duration of your cookies up to 540 days which allows you to capture visitors for well over a year. This is useful for many cases and we recommend setting the membership duration to a high number unless you have a specific requirement for a time sensitive, short Remarketing campaign.

An example of using long membership durations might be when a user visited your website in the summer looking for beach holidays. You could then retarget this user with beach holiday adverts the following summer.

How do I create banner adverts without any technical knowledge?

Although hiring a professional designer is always a good idea, you may want to test out Remarketing with the minimum of outlay. In this case you’ve probably thought of creating display adverts yourself but don’t know how to use software such as Adobe Photoshop or Flash.

Google has an extensive library of pre-designed display adverts that anyone with an AdWords account can utilise. To use these simply go to the ‘Create ad’ option in your campaign and choose ‘Ad gallery’ from the drop down menu. From here you can choose templates for general purpose ads or experiment with dynamic adverts.

Google Ad gallery link


As long as you set up your Remarketing campaign sensibly, you should see a good return on it. Users are generally more likely to convert when returning to your website if they liked what they saw last time.

Hopefully the above post has answered some of the more common questions you had, and you are now planning to implement a Remarketing campaign. Do leave a comment if there are any issues that I’ve missed out or any tips you’d like to share. For more information on Remarketing and Retargeting why not get in touch, today?

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