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Andrew Tonks

Recommended Automated Rules for AdWords

14th Feb 2012 Paid Search, Google AdWords, Paid Search 2 minutes to read

With Google recently updating the number of rules an individual user can create from 10 to a 100 within AdWords, I thought it might be useful to run through a few of the more useful rules that can be set up with an AdWords account to help you keep on top of things.

Time Sensitive Ads

Utilising rules to publish or pause time sensitive ads is fairly straightforward and can allow you to get ahead of the competition by publishing your ads as soon as they become relevant. As it’s Valentine’s Day, we can use this as an example. Let’s say you have a load of ads with the word Valentine’s Day in them promoting your business, if you wanted to publish these at a certain time of day simply follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Ads tab in your AdWords account so you can view all of your ads.

2. Click Automate button, then click Enable ads when …

3. Follow these steps if you wanted to publish ads containing the words Valentine’s on the 10th of February:

4. Once you have set the above up, click preview results and AdWords will tell you what the rule would change if it ran now.

5. If you’re happy, click Save.

If you want to then pause these ads once Valentine’s Day has finished, follow the above steps but instead of selecting Enable ads when… choose Disable Ads when …

Bid Management for Top of Page

If you’re running pay-per-click for mobiles it is essential that you get your ads displaying in those top two positions to help attract a click. If you have a mobile specific campaign set up, I would recommend running this rule once a day at the beginning of the day.

1. Navigate to your mobile specific campaign, then click on that campaign’s Keywords tab.

2. Click Automate button, then click Raise bids to top of page CPC when …

3. Follow these steps if you wanted to raise the bids on keywords not meeting the top of the page bid, with a maximum bid of £1.99 and run this rule once a day using the data from the previous day:

4. Once you have set the above up, click preview results and AdWords will tell you what the rule would change if run now.

5. If you’re happy, click Save.

Note: make sure you specify a maximum bid to ensure your budget doesn’t run away from you.

Weekly Budget Scheduling

If you know your account is more likely to generate conversions on a particular day, say on a Saturday, then you can use automated rules to increase your budget for this day to maximise the likeliness that you get as many conversions as possible.

1. Navigate to the Campaigns tab in your AdWords account.

2. Click Automate button, then click Change Daily Budget when …

3. Follow these steps to increase the your account’s budget by 50% each Saturday morning:

4. Be sure to follow these steps to decrease the your account’s budget by 50% at the end of business on Saturday, otherwise your account will be running with the increase 50% budget on Sunday:

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Andrew Tonks
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Andrew Tonks

Andrew has worked within online marketing for the last four years with a background in domestic tourism, working with some of the country's most popular tourist attractions and destinations.


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