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Mike Essex

Ten Free Digital Marketing Videos You May Have Missed

17th Apr 2013 News, Koozai News 2 minutes to read

Koozai TV VideosOver the last year and a half we’ve put together over 100 free digital marketing videos on everything from Analytics to SEO, PPC to Social, Content to Brand Management. To celebrate reaching over 200,000 views of those videos we’ve compiled ten videos that you may have missed which provide insights in to recent marketing developments.

We upload a new video every week to Koozai TV on a Wednesday, a whole month before our YouTube channel. They’re free, don’t have a sales pitch and you don’t even have to log in. Quick, uninterrupted access to marketing knowledge in HD quality videos.

So let’s get started:

Event Tracking in Google Analytics: Why, How and Lots of Ideas!

Anna provides an epic 15 minute long look at what event tracking is and lots of useful ways to use it.


Brand Monitoring Best Practices

Andy explains aspects of brand monitoring including: what to monitor, how to monitor it and some great tools you can use to help.


Are You Ready For Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns?

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns fundamentally change the way Google show paid search adverts. This video explains what you need to change to be ready.


Ten Great SEO Tools To Try

Tara picks 10 SEO tools you should try including social media tools and keyword research tools. She also examines why you should use them.


The Whys, Whats, Wheres and Whens of Video Marketing

Mike looks at what makes video marketing great, why you should use it, and where you should use it to help your brand.


Building Remarketing Lists & Audiences

As Google have now made Remarketing simpler than ever, Sam takes a look at the basics in setting up a really effective account.


Black Hat SEO Tactics To Avoid

With recent Google algorithm updates, such as Penguin and Panda, Emma looks at the sorts of activities that will be penalised with a ranking penalty.


5 Tips For Improving User Experience

By following Gemma’s five basic tips, you should be able to ensure that your website works towards providing a high quality experience.


How To Broaden Your Content Marketing

James explains why content marketing is now so much more than just a buzz word. It’s the real deal and a very powerful way to grow your brand online.


Page One Domination: How To Protect Your Brand Search Results

This video guide by Tom explains how to fight back against negative publicity and reviews online and regain control of your identity.


If you enjoyed those videos then check out our Koozai TV channel or subscribe for free videos every month.

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