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Marcus Knight Speaking at SMX London 2017

11th May 2017 News, Koozai News 1 minute to read

Marcus Knight Speaking at SMX London 2017

SMX London 2017 is one of the biggest search marketing conferences in the world, and it takes place on 23rd and 24th May. We are very pleased to announce that our very own Marcus Knight, will be speaking at this industry-leading event.

Marcus Knight is Head of Paid Media at Koozai. Fairly new to Koozai but with years of experience in paid media, Marcus has worked on campaigns with some huge brands such as Lindt Chocolate, National Express and Kia Motors. Marcus has a big passion for all things digital and is leading the development of Koozai’s paid media service offering.

Marcus will be talking alongside the Co-Founder of Adalysis, Brad Geddes, about advanced ad optimisation and covering the world of dynamic ads. This talk will simply explain what type of ads these are and how to utilise them effectively.

Marcus explains: “If we look back a few years, the only way we could dynamically generate ads was using dynamic keyword insertion, but we now have a lot more available to us to help us create highly targeted adverts at scale in a short space of time. During my session, I’ll be covering top tips for taking full advantage of these strategies, including dynamic search ads, dynamic keyword insertion, ad customisers, if function ads and countdown ads.”

Marcus will be speaking from 1pm to 2pm at etc.venues, Bishopsgate on Tuesday, 23rd May. Don’t miss him!

There is lots to learn at SMX this year, with three days of SEO, SEM and online marketing sessions to choose from. There is no doubt you will take away techniques and strategies to help you improve your search marketing efforts.

Sessions cover a huge range of topics and are perfect for both agencies and in-house search marketers to attend.

We asked Marcus why he thought SMX stands out from other search marketing conferences: “I think SMX stands out because of the authority it holds as part of the Marketing Land group, which serves as a source of knowledge for so many of us in the industry. Hopefully I can use my spot on the day to share a little bit more of that!”

For more information about SMX and to register, visit www.marketinglandevents.com/smx/london

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