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Koozai Sponsors Search Elite 2017

20th Mar 2017 News, Koozai News, News 1 minute to read

Koozai Sponsors Search Elite 2017

We are pleased to announce that Koozai will be sponsoring Search Elite London!

Search Elite is an industry-leading event where eight of the best speakers in search marketing come together at The Trampery in Old Street, to deliver the latest advice, trends and opinions to help you increase the success and impact of your digital marketing campaigns.

What’s more, our very own Samantha Noble will be speaking about using paid media insights to uncover who your audience really are. Other speakers include Bas van den Beld, David Iwanow, Gerry White, Jim Banks, Jono Alderson, Judith Lewis and Russell McAthy. Each and every one of these straight-talking speakers is full of knowledge and expertise. If you attend Search Elite you will benefit immensely from the wealth of experience that these speakers bring.

The eight speakers will each provide a 40-minute learning session with real, actionable techniques, covering topics from content marketing and digital strategy to paid media insights, GTM and advance SEO, to name but a few.

The event itself takes place on Tuesday 9th May, with a workshop being held on Wednesday 10th May.

The workshop is presented by internationally renowned marketing specialist Bas van den Beld. Bas has developed it for agencies and in-house marketers looking to improve their content marketing strategies and achieve better results.

We also want to offer our fans a 15% discount to attend Search Elite London. For more details about Search Elite, prices and the discount, click here.

We at Koozai are honoured to be sponsoring Search Elite London. We pride ourselves on being industry experts, which means being involved in all industry-leading events and innovations.


If you want to know more about what we do and all the things we get involved in here at Koozai, just get in touch at info@nullkoozai.com.

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Cat Birch

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