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James Perrin

Search Engine Market Share Statistics – May 11

24th May 2011 News, Industry News 2 minutes to read

Both the UK and US, share statistics experienced some trend bucking this month as Google gain (or, more accurately, regained) market share in the UK, as did YaBing in the US.

Starting with the UK statistics, figures from Hitwise have revealed that Google continue with their stranglehold on the market. Previous monthly trends have seen Google slowly lose their share of the market fractionally. However, figures this month have shown they have managed to claw this back.

Google increased their share from 90.02% in March to 90.24% in April, an increase of 0.22%. They were one of the only major search engines to have gained ground month on month, along with the ‘other’ category in the UK statistics.

The ‘other’ search engines continued to increase their share, a trend which started in last month’s market share statistics [See: Search Engine Market Share Statistics – April 11]. According to the figures, they have boosted their cumulative market share from 1.49% in March to 1.62% in April, representing an increase of 0.13%.

Considering the ‘other’ category also gained 0.14% last month, this may reflect a developing monthly trend, but why is this the case? Well as we speculated last month, this could be a case of a rise in mobile search – a method of search that is becoming increasingly popular with the explosion  of smart phones and other mobile internet devices such as tablets.

In the US, figures from Comscore actually indicate the opposite has happened for Google, in keeping with the existing trend of the search engine giant losing a partial share of the market each month. The share Google sites have decreased by 0.30% from 65.70% in March to 65.40% in April. Furthermore Ask and AOL also saw losses of their share by 0.10% each.

The biggest winners in the US markets were Microsoft’s Bing who gained 0.20% from 13.90% in March to 15.90% in April. Not surprisingly really given their rising dominance, especially in the US [See: Rise in Search Volume and Market Share for Bing].

What was surprising this month was Yahoo’s rise in search volume as their share increased from 15.70% in March to 15.90% in April. Given their month on month drop in market share recently, and their poor financial returns for quarter one of 2011 [See: Yahoo’s 2011 Q1 Results: Revenues and Net Earnings Down], this makes positive reading for the internet company who are going through some major changes during a time of transition. As Yahoo’s search engine is powered by Bing, the news can be seen as a win win situation for Microsoft, who really are making good ground across the Atlantic.

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