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Stephen Logan

Ballmer Bullish but Has Bing’s Bubble Burst?

5th Oct 2009 News, Industry News 1 minute to read

As always, the beginning of the month heralds the latest round of search engine statistics and this time it’s bad news for Bing. Despite making some significant gains since its (re)release back in June, it appears some of the steam may well have gone out of their marketing bandwagon.

Of course the numbers vary from one analytics service to another; however, most agree that Bing lost around 0.2 – 0.25% leaving it with 3.39% of the overall global search market share. The major discrepancy is in the numbers associated with Google; because whilst NetApplications suggest that they dipped ever so slightly, StatCounter had the Mountain View based giants actually gained just under 1% to a staggering 90.54%.

To compound Microsoft’s online woes their flagship web browser, Internet Explorer, slipped by 1.3% of global market share to leave it at 65.7%. Unsurprisingly Mozilla’s Firefox was one of those to benefit, chalking up a 0.8% gain. Even less surprising is that Google has also got itself in on the act by increasing the share of Chrome to 3.2%, representing a 0.3% upward shift.

So you’d think it would be all doom and gloom in the Microsoft. Bing is down, Yahoo is down, IE is down, but all the while Google are still making gains. But in an interview with the BBC, Microsoft’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer, shrugged off claims that Google could usurp Microsoft as the dominant world leader in computer technology. Not known for his ability to accurately predict future trends (need I remind you of the now infamous “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance.”), Ballmer will be hoping that this one doesn’t come back to haunt him as well: “We’ve had plenty of competitors come after us for years, there’s nothing magic about Google”.

Unfortunately the monthly search barometer is little more than an indication. The bottom line is that Google remain firmly in the lead, whilst Yahoo and Microsoft (YaBing in the making) fight over the remaining percentage points with incremental gains and losses throughout the year. However, if the downward trend of Bing were to continue, then we could realistically begin to speculate whether the momentum has been drained from the Microsoft engine for good. Watch this space.

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