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46 Tips From SES London Day 1 #SESLON

11th Feb 2014 News, Events 5 minutes to read

SES LondonSES London is here and we’ll be bringing you a recap of the talks we saw throughout the day. We’ll be covering talks on Twitter, Paid Media, Social Advertising, the changing face of Google and Attribution Modelling.

So let’s get started:

Session 1

Running in Real-Time: Bringing Campaigns to Life by Marketing in the Moment

Speaker: Bruce Daisley, UK Managing Director, Twitter

  • Getting the right message to people at the right time can really amplify the message.
  • 80% of usage of Twitter in the UK is on mobile.
  • 25% of people have purchased directly from Twitter.
  • Twitter increases the cost effectiveness of TV advertising by 33% by reducing cost per acquisition.
  • Two thirds of twitter users search for something on twitter at least twice a day.

Session 2

Attract, Engage, Convert: Smart Paid Media Tactics

Speaker: Chris Howard, Head of Digital, Shop Direct

  • 2007 to 2009 saw Google take full dominance in paid search and searches became standardised, so Yahoo and Google etc started offering the same services and features.
  • Product Listing Ads are one thing which makes search interesting again and generates a better ROI for retailers than traditional PPC
  • Chris predicts that bid modifiers will greatly play a part in Google’s future paid search development and suggested that you may be able to apply your own layers for bid adjustments in the future.
  • Kenshoo offer a feature where they automatically take your top performing PLAs and generate dynamic Facebook ads for them.
  • In the future keywords will continue to reduce in importance and other targeting features alongside them will become more prominent.

Speaker: Matt Ackley CMO from Marin Software

  • Leverage your legacy data alongside your bidding strategy (this is something Marin are focusing on at the moment).
  • Audience data is the next frontier in search and it’s essential that you understand it and utilise it because it will make your PPC more strategic.
  • Context is also going to become more integrated with search, for example integrating weather forecasts with your bidding strategy.
  • Ask yourself what the lifetime value of a user is when you acquire them, and consider this in your optimisation and bidding.
  • In the future Google will use its own data on users to bring in audience targeting and analytics into paid search in even more detail than it currently is, for example you might see the function for bid adjustments for users with different incomes, users with or without children etc

Session 3

The Rapidly Changing Face of Google

Speakers: Brendan Almack, Senior Paid Search Specialist, Wolfgang Digital and Alan Coleman, CEO, Wolfgang Digital

  • There were 18 AdWords updates in Q4 of 2013 (a ten week period). That’s more than one new update per week.
  • Alan reported that the new Google changes are generating a CTR of between 2-4% for him because they are new and the user is curious. When everyone starts doing it it will decrease.
  • Google now own 10% of global ad spend.
  • A study by 3M says we process images 60,000 times faster than we process text and we now see much more visual search results with more pictures than ever before (eg image extensions, PLAs).
  • When PLAs were run alongside search they increased results by double (this might be because users take seeing multiple ads on a page as a sign of trust that the brand is established).
  • CPCs of PLAs increased by 70 percent on Q4 of 2013 simply because of how many people are now jumping on the PLA bandwagon.
  • If you’re not competitive on price, don’t use that product for PLAs.
  • Use AdWords labels in your feed so you can label things like profit margin and sale items to bid accordingly and target your PLAs so you have competitive advantage.
  • Google introduced PLAs to become more like a comparison engine and as a result more product related searches are being conducted.
  • Image ad extensions enable you to make your PPC more visual.

Session 4

Social Advertising To Increase Lead Gen, Engagement & ROI

Speaker: Jacinta Walker, Head of Online Marketing, EMEA, Salesforce

  • 52% of marketers have found a customer via Facebook, 36% on Twitter and 43% on LinkedIn.
  • We are in the era of the self-directed buyer: users only spend 21% of the buying cycle in contact with your sales people, instead they are influenced by their friends and other online content.
  • Competitions on Twitter and Facebook work really well to get new fans on board.
  • Capitalise on newsworthy moments in your social content.
  • Lookalike audiences on Facebook work well if you create a lookalike audience based on your top customers.

Speaker: Celina Burnett, Consultant, Deloitte

  • Activities which amplify user generated content are most effective at generating sales from social.
  • Tailor your approach to the product: for example if you’re promoting films then the genre of the film will influence what kind of social you do.
  • An increase in Twitter activity for an action film will have double the impact on sales that it would have on a comedy.
  • The critic rating determines how successful social will be at promoting a film.
  • Engage Early: Social Media word of mouth only has an effect in the first couple of weeks of a films release

Session 5

Speaker: Ann Stanley, Managing Director, Anicca

  • Enhanced campaigns saw a change to the settings tab which now covers device, location and scheduling bid adjustments.
  • The highest you can go up to is +900% with bid adjustments.
  • More data and granularity appeared with ad extensions.
  • You should use Google forwarding numbers in call extensions in addition to call tracking.
  • Bid modifiers all stack on top of each other (no matter what order they are applied you’ll get the same number).
  • Default location targeting has changed with enhanced campaigns so you need to tick ‘users located in my target location’.

Speaker: Allistair Dent, Director of Paid Media at Periscopix

  • Use bid multipliers together to target different groups of your customer, for example users on mobile in the early evening could be commuters and they might be valuable to you.
  • Google AdWords new features will be based around the enhanced campaigns way of thinking where context is just as important as keywords and other targeting.
  • Separate your most important keywords into their own ad groups, so you can have control over your bid modifiers at ad group level.
  • Analyse the groups of people you target and think about how your bid adjustments can be tailored to them.
  • Use contexts together to make decisions about your audience, for example if users are searching for your brand and are near your store location then you’d land them on a different page than if they were abroad but looking at your service

We’ll be back tomorrow with coverage of day 2.

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